Saturday 5 November 2016

A new track

At the moment "getting back on track" is not an option, sooo I have started on a new one.

After a sweaty night and an early start I took time to start the foundations of a new one.

A cup of real tea, just not the thick as tar stuff that I prefer. I merely frightened the tea with the boiling water.

A slightly longer, but slow and steady, walk with Ben with a little rest at the halfway point.

Then another lightweight brew and a little knitting while I got my breath back.
I did not fancy eating but took a lesson from my Granny and had 2 cream crackers with my tea, just to stop any gnawing and grumbling.

The sun was bright and there was a good breeze so 2 loads of washing done, all that bedlinen!!, and on the whirlythingamajig.
Another little sit down and a few rows of knitting and I felt energized, so the iron came out.

Nice and steady and of course I did all the easy stuff first, there is still some left but it can wait it's turn.

By now I was feeling like eating, so a sandwich and a cuppa followed by, Oh Yes more knitting and then a little wash up and tidy round.

Ben decided that he really really wanted another walk, so I wrapped us both up ( the wind had picked up and was very chilly) and we crossed to the sunny side of the street and set off. Same formula as the morning as it worked just fine.

Upon our return it was more of the same, tea (well nearly) and some knitting. I watched the latest pod cast from Sandra Paul at Cherry Heart and an older one from Inside number 23 that I had somehow missed.

I finished the socks that I had been beavering away at and to celebrate put all the ironing away. My iron generates lots and lots of steam and I always hang everything either on hangers or a horse.
The heating was on low so everything was completely ready to go away.

I did throw my clean bedlinen in the tumbler for 10 minutes and then put it back on the bed. I couldn't see the point in dragging another set out.
At the beginning of the year I prattled on about Taking Time, slowing down and so on. Well I failed miserably after a half decent start.
NOW however I am sick and tired of whinging on about my health. There are so many thousands of people who would love to be as healthy as I am right now.

I have dinner planned, pizza and salad, I make a batch of dough, roll it into as many thin bases as I can and then stack and freeze, baking parchment keeps them from sticking together. I keep toppings in the freezer all the time, mainly leftovers, so tonight's offering will have a smear of tomato and garlic sauce, some finely diced peppers and some chilli chicken with an extra drizzle of sweet chilli sauce. If I feel like it a handful of grated cheese will be broadcast over the top.

I have cast on the first sock of a pair, I using magic loop and would normally knit both together but have not got the right size cable empty. No probs, it is just a vanilla stocking stitch, nothing that needs looking at, after all it is Strictly tonight and I may get a bit hot under the collar.

There may well be fireworks tonight, although there were loads last night. They do not bother Ben in the slightest, he stood out in the garden with me for awhile last night watching them.
I had one Springer Spaniel who I had to take into a "tent" made of  blankets in the middle of the living room, radio playing and a supply of carrot sticks to hand.
The other two thought that it was a good game and joined in merrily while poor little Jed shook and quivered like a half set jelly.

 On that note I am off to wash up the various cups and mugs from my tea swilling afternoon.
Have a good weekend and stay warm.

               TTFN                                                      Pam


  1. Oh dear you don't sound well Pam. I do hope you perk up soon, even though you are definitely not moaning. My boy, Bruno, golden retriever, is very scared of fireworks and I have given him some herbal pills which the vet sold me, so we will see. Poor lad, if he is frightened he comes creeping upstairs and climbs onto my bed so I will be ready for him tonight. We will see.

  2. Your quiet day sounds very busy!

  3. Pam your not whinging about your health, you have been so poorly, I do hope you are now on the mend.

  4. That's sounding a little more positive, that you can potter about and walk Ben now, and have the energy to cast on more socks. I should learn to make socks all over again aas the pair I wore today at the Market in my fleecy boots kept my feet toasty warm.

    I think I will borrow your idea of making a stack of pizza bases next time I am bread-making, and then I can quickly whip up a pizza when I need a quick meal.

    Carry on mending.

  5. You do sound as though you might be picking up a bit Pam, let's hope so. It's freezing cold here too so I'm getting ready to settle down for the evening. Take care and stay warm x

  6. Your new track sounds like it's working for you, slow and steady xx

  7. Sounds like you have been very busy even though you are trying to rest. I think the knitting breaks are just what you need to relax and catch your breath. Take good care of yourself.

  8. Sometimes getting better just takes so long, we try to do too much too soon. So keep going slow, it'll all come back eventually.

  9. Good to see you back Pam, you've had a more than busy day, remember to REST! That pizza sounds just the thing for a cold Saturday evening, can I have some please?!! Keep getting better. All the best, Terry

  10. Sounds as if you had a lovely day. Starting slow but steady is a great idea.

    God bless.

  11. Great tip for storing the pizza. My poor dog is a quivering wreck at the moment, the fireworks are killing him off. Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Your new routine sounds like a very refined version of your past routine. Slower, but still covering the basics. Take the time to recover before the winter weather extremes take over. Slow and steady. You have been missed.


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