Friday 25 November 2016

Frog For Breakfast.

No I didn't eat any, I had porridge with some blueberries.

I meant the Rip it, Rip it of frogging out knitting when you gaze at your work in pleasure and spot A Glaring Mistake. Not too bad just 6 rows to go back on a sock. I could have sewn in a safety line, took the sock of the needle and pulled it back to the line. Quick and easy to do, BUT it was a stupid error and I wanted to etch it into my brain. So I took it back stitch by stitch and then knitted it all back, minus the mistake, before my breakfast.
By that time my tum was starting to grumble and my toes were curling up like a row of pigs tails.
I still haven't got round to trying to get photo's up on this laptop. I just get settled with my knitting and some  telly in the background before it pops into my mind. Then I just shrug my shoulders and think, I will do it in the morning.
I have nothing pressing today so once my chores are done I will try.

I have been watching season 1 of Quantico on box sets, the first episodes were quite compulsive viewing. B U T it is dragging on and seems now to be merely a vehicle for the Leading Lady to pout and pose her way through each scene.

The best program, in my view, on TV now is Planet Earth 11 on Sunday evening. Strictly has become a bit of a balls up and even the John Lewis advert is banal.

Thank goodness I am happy with the radio or silence while I am pottering about.

On that thought it is time that I got Ben off his bed and out for an airing.

Have the best day that you can.

               TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. I'm spending more of my time with podcasts as a soundtrack. I've found a nice series of old podcasts from the BBC to work through. I don't think I realised how much I got stressed with having a constant stream of news or depressing tv shows!

  2. I have music on these days rather than the TV and only switch on if there is something we want to watch. Amazing how little it goes on.

  3. Sniffle. We don't get Planet Earth till January on BBCA. I just got an app on my iPod so I can listen to BBC4 radio programs. We had a lovely Thanksgiving. All the food was wonderful. And no politics or religion. Today I'm going to watch Spectre and the rest of the Daniel Craig Bond movies. I don't like Quantico, but I'm a firm NCIS fan.

  4. I really dislike frogging.... Many is the time I rip something totally back to the beginning rather than frog. It is much faster to me.

    God bless.


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