Thursday 24 November 2016

If it isn't broke Leave It Alone.

Blogger has changed the format, I have to trawl through all sorts of things to get to where I want to be. Why oh why can people not keep their busy little fingers out of something that is working fine.
I just have this feeling that somewhere there is a room full of male under achievers who are desperate to demonstrate how essential they are. This time they decided to turn the blogging system inside out.

Right I am down off the soap box now.

We have had a pretty decent day, sunny and dry but with a chilly wind, 2 loads of washing done and line dried. Lovely.

I am feeling so much better right now, this morning I managed to drive over to Llandeilo and visit the wool shop. I did a little stock up, not too much, some chunky yarn for a shawl that I saw on the Stylecraft Blog Tour,  I chose King Cole Riot in Moors colourway. Then I spotted the  Head over Heels sock wool in the Olympus colour, I did pick up a shawl pattern to go with it but I may choose another from my pattern books.

I picked up a lovely bit of Beef Skirt from the RTC section and made a steamed pudding for dinner, I cooked carrots and broccoli to have with it and 2 of us had a very greedy meal indeed.

I have finished the hat, I did seam it up in no time but really should have got off my bum and got the 16" circular from the next room.

I cast on another pair of Blueberry Waffle socks, it is such a simple pattern to knit and grows fast in DK wool. These will be a gift along with a hat later on.

Ben is snoring away and I feel that I should get myself settled with a cuppa and my knitting. I may have some chocolate covered spiced gingerbread for later, I love it so only buy a small amount. I can not resist it, I normally buy from Lidl but found some this bag in Home Bargains and it is pretty scrummy.

So I am off to get the kettle on, enjoy the rest of your evening.

             TTFN                                                             Pam


  1. I struggle as it is it but when blogger changes everything, I do not cope well. I can't understand why the changes are necessary.

  2. Pam, I'm annoyed with Blogger too and so, it seems, are some of my readers. why can't they leave well alone?
    So glad to hear you are feeling much better :)

  3. Oh Pam your bit about the male under achievers made me howl with laughing....those are my thoughts exactly. The same as I think all kitchen appliances are designed by men. A woman would never design things with so many nooks and crannies to clean so it's obviously men as they never have to clean them.
    Have a lovely cosy evening-x-

  4. Yours is the second comment I have just read about the Blogger changes. It mystifies me as well and there is a message on my settings page that might as well be in a different language because I have no idea what it means!

  5. The changes will probably grow on us but like you, I thought 'why?'

  6. I've noticed the changes on Blogger too and you how little it takes to confuse me...when it comes to computers. Sounds like you got a lot done today. Glad you're feeling better.

  7. I totally agree with you about the format change for Blogger. Throw them a ball and let them chase it down the halls instead of changing this format. I dont' need to see all my old posts. I knew how to get to them before.
    Hope the galloping crud is off across the moors for you and you are feeling much better. Except for the nasty cough, I am better. We had our Thanksgiving at my Mom's today, and it was wonderful. I made a corn pudding and a sweet potato souffle. A lot of food and we've got leftovers.

  8. In the
    In the US we say--if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  9. Exactly what I wrote on my blog the morning I discovered the change. People need to write to blogger and complain en masse but I bet most won't. I have!

    Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Take it slowly.

  10. Yes I agree I wish they would leave the blogger alone!

    Will you show what you to see it

    Julie xxxxxxx

  11. So glad you are feeling better. I was so surprised with the Blogger change, seems I can't find anything now! I liked it just the way it was.


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