Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sock it to me Baby

The stitches on the pins go round and round, round and round and sock after sock is born.
Not quite as fast as that but I have just turned the heel on the second sock of another pair.
I am romping through the stash and really hope to make it over to Debs shop very soon.
I may not need to buy very much but I do need to look at and touch some squidgy new balls of yarn.

I have two more pairs of socks on the list, two hats and a wip to complete before I finally decide between an Aran cardigan or the Antler sweater. I have loads of time to make my mind up as this will be my Christmas Eve cast on, I have the yarn tucked away. It is an Alpaca blend that I snapped up from Debs months ago.

I have a pair of house guests right now, Archie and Dolly, they will be here for two more days before returning home. Ben has been loving the company but I suspect that, like me, he will be glad when the house returns to normal.

My plans for today are very exciting, duh, I have to tidy the freezers and make a meal plan and shopping list. The idea is to get as much of the mundane shopping completed this month to take me to the years end. Because I tend to buy non perishables in large amounts when they are on offer, I will not need  toiletries or cleaning products.
The few tinned foods that I use will also see me through, although I will be looking for some garlic stuffed olives. I absolutely love them and have to use all my willpower not to eat a jar full in one sitting.
I still have to talk with Fran about The Dinner, it will not be the "stuff yourself stupid" roast with every veg known to man, unless of course she wants to prep and cook it. I will see how the conversation goes and plan from there.

The softly softly approach seems to be working, I no longer have the spells when I am gasping for air. If the night sweats would stop I would be almost perfect.
I have to replace the summer duvet soon, I still have not needed to put the winter one on. I do take the cover off and air it every day but I think that it whiffs a bit. I suppose that I  should wash it but it is King size and too big for my machine.

Apart from that all is well in my life, that is not taking Strictly into consideration of course. But I console myself with the wonderful new David Attenborough series, magnificent.

It is fast approaching 5 and I am in need of tea, there is a new podcast from Katy, at Inside Number 23 to watch and that sock to be finished.

               TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. I'm sorry your health issues aren't completely sorted yet, but as long as you have the will to pick up your pins and knit, life is good! We made the mistake of buying a cheaper washing machine (when we were skint, things always break then!) and have regretted it as of course, we ended up with one with not enough space. I had to wash an old Welsh quilt recently and couldn't get it in dry. I soaked it and managed to just about jam it in to wash it, but it still ended up grubby at the edges. Mind you, it was FILTHY to start with, truly filthy.

    I love the idea of the Christmas Eve Cast On by the way.

  2. I'm glad you sound a bit Perkins Pam. I don't know if you've been over lately but your quilt has been put to very good use! X

  3. Our politician never ceases to amaze, a bit of mockery me thinks. What part of dance show do people not understand? Take care.

  4. Sounds like you are doing just the right things Pam.
    Hope they find the right course of treatment for you-x-

  5. Good Luck with your health my friend. You sound better. Hippy stitching.


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