Saturday 19 November 2016

Sun and frost

There was a half tidy frost this morning and now the sun is sending sparkles glinting off the cars, the wind has dropped. Luckily we only got a fraction of the storm that battered Aber.

I had a reasonably early start to my day and am now feeling very virtuous. I took my time and tidied the sewing/dining room. All the detritus that has been untouched since that Virus hit me has been cleared. Fabric, threads, yarn and patterns have been put in their respective places.
The quilting frame is now empty and ready for business, soon, soon.
I have some cushion covers ordered and I may pull the fabrics for them. I will not be cutting though, I want to get the results from Thursday first.

I have a satisfyingly small shopping list ready.
Before I do that I will be getting a pot of fridge bottom soup on, a handful of haricot beans will add a hit of protein.

Ben enjoyed his walk this morning, we were joined by his friend Dowie the Bichon and owner.

Just as I predicted Fran has put any thoughts of Christmas on hold till next month. Moving and setting up her new house has filled every spare moment for weeks and now she is having a rest. I should say that every year she normally starts planning and making lists in October, and is done and dusted by the end of November. She is a complete child for the whole business, the tree, bunting, decorations, a theme for gift wrapping and labelling, a new Bauble every year etc. etc. etc.

I just hope that once she starts it does not turn into a frenzy.

Now I am off to the kitchen to start chopping and sweating. (the veg, not me)

Enjoy the weekend as much as possible.

                           TTFN                                       Pam


  1. Have a good weekend Pam. It's good to hear you sounding more like yourself. I hope Thursday's results are in your favour.

  2. Glad to read normal life is returning to you, we have a soup on the go, loads of bottom of the fridge stuff and a stew pack.

  3. We woke to a hard frost too and like you the sun was dancing across, glistening off the cars. Bottom of the fridge soup sounds good for this type of day.

  4. Glad you're feeling better. Straightening up the sewing room...putting everything back in it's place always makes me think clearer.

  5. Glad to hear you're on the mend. The weather's certainly taken a turn over the last few days, we've had lots of rain here and it's so much colder, definitely soup weather.

  6. Good to hear you're feeling more yourself, it's been a nasty virus, keep warm xx

  7. I looked out this morning and was surprised to see our first frost. I don't think it had been forecast. But it is November, so why was I surprised?!!


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