Thursday 7 September 2017

A Pale shade of Green

Not nausea, not envy.

Simply experimenting.

Over the past few months I have done a fair bit of reading, all relating to Ben's skin issues, both in book form and on the internet.

Several things have rung bells and blown whistles.

The first was laundry, the detergents and fabric conditioners etc.

I am now using soap nuts in the machine and white vinegar in the dispenser drawer.

My first reaction was to the smell, or rather the lack of it. My laundry smells clean and fresh with no hint of perfume at all.
The second was to discover how much better the towels dry without the residue from conditioner.

This has encouraged me to look at making "greener" choices in all areas.

Another change has been in Ben's diet, over the years I have tried many food varieties, including making it myself. All have had a modicum of success, but none have stood the test of time. He is now on a tailor made dry food from Not only is he loving it I can see an improvement in his skin and coat condition. Time will tell, of course, but he has never eaten his meals so eagerly, you would think it was best steak in his dish.

I have been playing with vegan food and although I can not envisage it becoming an exclusive choice, meat has become a much rarer part of our diet.

I have been buying the same shower/bath/hair products for ages, I hope that this will soon change. This is my next area for research and change.

Now for the fun (hard work I mean) part.

The change round of my rooms is well under way, painting is almost complete, there is just a windowsill to finish. Carpet has been fitted, 4 days earlier than planned.

I do need to find another sofa, my large leather storage one will  not turn in the space we have. The cushions were removed, feet unscrewed and the doors came off and still it would not go. It is a big beast and is very heavy, it was delivered by 3 gorillas and they left sweating buckets. 

It does mean that space is tighter than I had planned for but I am not repining. It will all come good in the fullness of time.

There are still heaps of bags, boxes and loose items waiting to be rehoused. The pile for the charity shop grows by the second. Fran's bedroom is still heaped up but the end is in sight.

I took a few crafty books to knit and natter on Tuesday and will be taking some cookery books next week.
There will soon be another box of goodies winging it,s way to my sister in Norfolk.
The crumb quilt blocks are being sashed, I should say were as all sewing has been put on ice till the chaos has subsided.
Knitting, however, is a different kettle of fish, I have kept 2 project bags to hand. One has a pair of socks, 2 at a time cuff down, the heels have been turned and I am on the way along the feet. The second has a jumper for Ivy in it, I have about 10 rows left before the front neck shaping and then just has to sew it together.

I am going to restrict myself to 2 knitting projects in the sitting room. It had got out of hand with bags of yarn scattered all through the house.

The kitchen is next on the list and then our attention will fall upon the stairs and landing, I may be ripping the carpet up this week as it is really beyond the pale. It has been shampooed twice since we moved here but it is definitely past it's sell by.
Then of course we need new windows.........does the list ever end?

I am quite sleepy now so I better toddle off to bed, it is gone 1:30 after all.

                           TTFN                                      Pam


  1. Blimey, busy busy! It will be wonderful having the house really sorted and comfortable in time for winter though, then you can stick your feet up!

  2. Heard of some folks who treated their dog's skin allergies with a teaspoon of local honey and it worked. Further reading showed that others had done the same thing with good results.

  3. Just catching up with you Pam.
    My what a whirl of activity you have going on there.
    I bet you're looking forward to relaxing a bit when it's all finished.

  4. Interesting about soap nuts. I was thinking of giving them a go. I do like my washing to smell nice though. I suppose I could use a drop of essential oil. I know what you mean by a never ending list :)

  5. Goodness, where did you get all that energy to expend?
    We're beginning to go through closets and Goodwill and the Salvation Army will receive some bags soon.
    I have a lovely camel car coat that I am going to bag in a shrink bag and send to my daughter in Chicago. It never gets cold enough here to wear it so I am sure she will use it in good health. I have some cast iron pans that have taken up room in a cupboard and they will land in Chicago as well. She just moved into her own apartment and is furnishing by bits and pieces.
    Glad to hear that Ben is feeling better with his new food. We've switched to a grain free salmon and sweet potato for our pooches and they love it. Once in a while if I'm at a big pet store, I'll look for some of the gourmet grain frees and get one to mix in. There is one that comes with dried veggies which they like as well.
    Stay safe! Fall is coming!

  6. You have been busy!! I hope everything comes together and looks great.

    I have never used fabric conditioner or softener, but those soap nuts sound very interesting.

    God bless.

  7. Hi Pam...answer to your question: No. The list never ends lol...I have such a list and when I'm about to feel the pride of knocking the last one off...10 more get added!

    I think it's great that you're taking care of Ben the way you do. We had a heck of a time with our pets and finding what keeps them healthy, food and detergents. All of our 6 are rescues, so we have no history. But persistence always wins out I think.


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