Friday 22 September 2017

So far, So good

The quilting has begun and it is looking good, just the long straight lines so far. I have rolled it ready to cross hatch but have finished sewing for today.

The mincemeat has been in the oven to melt the veg suet down, it is out on the side now cooling down. Once cold it will have the brandy added before going into cold sterilised jars, they have been washed and rinsed and are in the oven now, in an hour I will turn the heat off and let them cool down. 

I am planning a new take on the apple jellies, I saved the pulp, pips and skins from the oranges and lemons used in the mincemeat. I will chop those up and add them to a Kilo of chopped apples and some Haws and just cover them with water. To this mix I will add a whole nutmeg, some  Allspice berries and a couple of cinnamon sticks. The hope is that the spices will release their flavour and scent into the liquid so that I get Christmas Jelly. I am only adding the Haws for colour, my concern is that the whole spices will leach their colour and brown jelly is not what I hope to achieve.

I plan on a lazy evening with some gentle knitting, it is pouring with rain and I managed to get soaked earlier. I had to shower and got straight into PJ's and the clothes were spun before being washed.

I have some Saint Agur cheese in the fridge  and a grilled cheese and red onion sandwich is looking good for a lazy dinner possibly with a dollop of relish or chutney.

Ben is treating the weather with total disdain and has turned into a couch potato, I can not say that I blame him.

Washing is bumbling around in the dryer, less ironing later.

Now I need to drink my tea before it gets cold, the SO made it and I don't want to discourage him.

                    TTFN                                         Pam


  1. A lazy evening with some gentle knitting sounds like heaven to me with your grilled cheese!!! :)

  2. Mmm, St. Agur is one of my favourite cheeses.

  3. I am very near to finishing my shawl-311 stitches and rows expanding from the original 5 cat on. The yarn is Head over Heels and I'm pkeased with howvit has striped. Just in time as the weather is hetting colder! I am also stitching 3 advent calendanders and 4 lots of bunting. Catriona

  4. Just about to sterilise the jars for mincemeat too. I have made a start with chutney and jam today.


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