Thursday 21 September 2017

Shiny, Sleepy and Spiny

The jelly was a success, 6 jars and a taster (now gone, delish on breakfast toast). A very shiny photo, 

as is the Dresser, I have polished it once, it was gleaming the day that I picked it up.

Jelly making was of no interest to Ben so he retired to the sofa for a little sleepy time.

This is very spiny, all the basting pins are in and I am about halfway through doing them up. My fingers needed time out, I think there is a gadget for that and I know that I need one.

I made a small batch of sweetcorn relish this morning, see Sue's recipe from the cottage at the end of the lane blog.
No celery seed, bother! finely dice a stick of celery and add that. Mmmm there is curry powder and turmeric in there so how about some cumin seeds, done.

I have 3 jars cooling, it smells amazing in the kitchen so a larger batch may be in order.

We had really heavy rain last night, it hammered down but has dried out a bit now. If it stays dry I will be gathering Haws later, there are some stray raspberries in the freezer that may get added to the next batch of jelly.

I have a batch of mincemeat to jar, made with vegetable suet so that I can gift some (in jars and in pastry) with no worries. Many of my friends are either non meat eaters or avoiding beef.

Now I better knuckle down and get back to my pins, I did try stitching a few time but on a large quilt it takes too long, and they all have to be picked out later....all those threads.

            TTFN                                                           Pam


  1. Re the Country Roses china again....I got a large meat platter for my sis at a boot sale recently - shop retail price £78, boot sale price £5. It was in perfect condition too, no chips or scratches or scuffed pattern, I was chuffed to bits. Your quilt is looking lovely, as are the blue cushions. Ben looks like a round furry cushion!

  2. The tool you need is called Kwik Klip and Barnyarns sell it for £8.45. I have one and it really saves your fingers.

    1. Many thanks Jenny, there is one on its way now.

  3. I need to get my finger out and get some chutneys and such made. good, beautiful fabrics. Your jelly looks amazing and the quilt is looking

  4. Your jelly looks so beautiful and I bet it taste delicious. How satisfying to have a cupboard full of preserves.


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