Monday 25 September 2017

Socks, wrinkles and all.

Sock patterns, what to use?

I have followed a few patterns, there is a good one on the Winwick Mum blog, both in 4 ply and thicker yarns.
I like the look and fit of a heel flap and gusset but the SO likes the heel from "Vanilla is the New Black" a pattern on ravelry. That heel was used in his brown socks from yesterdays post.
I do use the afterthought heel on short socks as I think it looks neat and most of the shorties that the SO has have that heel.

Now I only use a pattern for the stitch, I have my own "recipe" for everyone that I knit for. Stitch count, rib width and length and so on right down to the toe shape. For boot socks I tend to use a blend of fibres with at least 20% wool content, I have a nice stash of Moods that was on offer at Deb's wool shop.

As to 4ply or fingering weight sock yarn I use everything from the wonderfully cheap Drops to Indie Dyed at finger burning prices and everything in between.
I have started to dye yarn myself, it is on hold while all the work is going on in the house. I have bought commercial yarn and over dyed it with great results.
Even if money was no restriction I would still not exclusively use luxury yarns. Simply because I want the socks that I make to be everyday wear, not tucked away for "best".

Some of my trials have not been wonderful, the very first pair were really bad BUT I didn't realise that until I had knitted a few more pairs, the SO wore them to death and was most put out when I put them into the recycling bin.

I have not knitted a swatch for socks but if I was planning an intricate stitch pattern or colour work then I most definitely would.

There may be some colour work in seasonal shades of red and green coming soon.

I was not planning this subject but a few comments from yesterday  prompted me, I hope this has helped Susan Q and knitty Nutter.
If I was to be so bold as to offer advice it would probably go like this.

Watch You Tube tutorials, Very Pink Knits has some corkers.

Go and look at Winwick Mum's blog and possibly buy her book, I did.

Buy some reasonably priced yarn and knit a pair, if they are sock shaped then wear them with pride. If not use them as bed socks or with PJ's for Sofa Surfing.

Mistakes?!! Design Features is the term you are looking for. The SO has one pair with an extra pattern repeat on one cuff, they are both the same length I just had a blonde moment. He doesn't care in the slightest.

Knitting should be a pleasure, not an endurance feat. You could always try crochet socks instead. look on the Crafternoon Treats blog for a few patterns and don't forget You Tube.

Now I am off to my quilting, or maybe not. Ben has just launched himself from his bed and is looking expectantly at me, mmm another walk might be next.

                            TTFN                                      Pam


  1. No matter how many tutorials I watch or books I read I will never get the hang of knitting....but I don't half like seeing what clever people like you make.

  2. I just finished a pair of socks and have been wearing them all weekend, when we went camping. If you are looking for new patterns, I have twelve on my blog. Two or three would probably be too boring for an experienced sock knitter but some are fun to make. Happy quilting. x

  3. My hands don't match with my brain when it comes to knitting and crocheting. My daughter can, but I can't. I've tried and tried. My skills are cooking and reading. I just received my Outlander Cooks cookbook and there are lots of good recipes that will hit our table after the temps stop being in the 28-30C range. (And very low humidity. My goodness, my nose feels like sandpaper).


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