Tuesday 5 September 2017

Bidding a fond farewell.

This Grace Frame has done me proud, here it is with all the sections joined. It is classed as Queen size. I did have it set up smaller to begin with and then after some practise had the extra part assembled and joined in.
The hardest part was getting the leader cloths fed into the rails, much sweat and naughty words were the order of the day.

Now she is off to pastures new, I am not sad. I can no longer use her and she is going to an excellent home. 
I am not stopping my quilting by any means, I will be using a flat surface and sitting down.
I will be looking at spinning in the new year, the excitement of moving to a new space is enough for now. It will take me at least a couple of months to get it set out as I need it.
The bookshelves are in their new room and have been filled, I do expect to be shuffling things about though.

It was knit and natter today, there was cake, we had a very chatty session although the rain/hail/snow combination shocked us to almost silence. Lumpy Rain in September, No No No, far too early.

Deb's has a window full of special priced yarn, all discontinued colours. It is not as full now as it was when I arrived.

I will try to get photo's loaded for tomorrow, I am too tired today. All this rearranging and running up and down stairs is enervating.

I plan a lazy(ish) day tomorrow, a trip to the charity shop with a heap of things that I no longer need or have no further use for. Some cooking and possibly a little gardening, the weather forecast is reasonable and the sun is shining right now.

That is my cue to get Ben out for a walk before the wet stuff returns.

                     TTFN                                           Pam


  1. Yikes - snow??!!??!! In September???

  2. That's great that you found a good home for your Grace Frame. That is a big machine! Wow, far too early for lumpy rain indeed...I won't be surprised if I see snow early this year.

  3. All the weather in one day, happens here too on a regular basis. Looks like all your plans for your new space are coming together, worth all the hard work.

  4. Sadly I've not been able to read your posts due to internet problems, it's sorted now fingers crossed! It's usually the first blog post I look for and enjoy reading. When I read you were moving things I thought you were moving house lol. Like you I bought the Gracie frame, it was to go in my craft room but sadly with both of us having health problems we had to put a single bed in there for whichever one of us couldn't sleep so Gracie had to go. I was upset I never had her put together but she's in a good home where she gets a lot of use and it enabled me to buy my Janome quilter machine which I love. I'm pleased to hear your repair/renovation work is being done at last and before the cold weather sets in. Take care and don't overdue it. X

  5. Grace will be loved to bits in her new home there is a lot of excitement brewing :-)


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