Sunday 24 September 2017

Impatient or what?

I finished a pair of boot socks this morning, I was up early and watching Jean Truelove on YouTube, and having a cuppa of course.

Just simple vanilla but the SO loves this pattern. In fact he loves them a bit too much, I had just finished darning the toe ends in when he came down. In a flash they were off my lap and on his feet. I still had the cast on ends to darn in but he would have kept them on had I not put my foot down with a firm hand.
Honestly he is worse than a child in a sweet shop, he has well over 30 pairs but each finished pair is treated just as the first was.

I have had a brilliant day, the dogs were walked in sunshine and we met Jess, Will and his Mum and Ivy. They were just returning home from their walk and I was on my second one with Rufus. Ivy was wearing her bright jumper, it is not really in her colours but she still looks adorable.

Then on my return I got a load of washing pegged out and just about dried before the rain came in.

I have dinner for us and my neighbour, Rufus's owner, ready to pop into the oven.

Pasta and veg in a cheese sauce, there is a little topping if gratin under that grated cheddar, it was left over and I thought "oh well, in for a penny..." and threw it on the tops.

There are 2 of Nigel's Black Banana cakes in the oven now, one will be shared with the same neighbour and one will go to Knit and Natter on Tuesday. It will be my first visit in 3 weeks as I have been busy the past 2, there will be lots of catching up to do.

I am so glad that The Flying Geese fabric shop will be open as I need some dark green fabric for quilt binding. They had to close for a week due to building works spreading dust everywhere.

I have a tray of conkers (Horse Chestnuts) drying out ready for the windowsills. I find that they are a good spider deterrent although they don't work for lots of folk.

I have another pair of socks cast on for TV knitting, and hospital waiting time on Wednesday. (this is for when I take my neighbour in for check ups on his leg.)

I have a jumper to finish the neck for Ivy and a cardigan on the go for her as well. I am being very self indulgent with my crafting time  right now.

There will be a batch or 2 of Haw jelly this week and another of the Christmas jelly, that should just about fill the last inch of shelf space.

The cakes are smelling gorgeous and I will have to work hard not to cut one till it is cold. I feel that a cuppa is in order so I will see you all anon.

                   TTFN                                            Pam


  1. 30 pairs of socks! You have been busy!

    I gave up on conkers as a beastie deterrent when I saw one actually crawling over a conker placed by the fire hearth. Yet I know other people swear by them.

  2. I think it is so lovely that the SO loves his hand knitted socks.
    I'm sure all I will get when I eventually finish Andy's quilt is....ooh's

  3. what sock pattern do you use? what advice do you give to sock knitters that struggle with knitting them?

  4. i have a gauge problem and have to keep knitting a swatch to obtain gauge and it is very frustrating to keep doing that so i give up but do love the knitted socks.

  5. I would want the luxury of hand knitted socks on straight away too, they are amazing.

  6. nice socks, what heel did you use on this pair, my hubs goes through heels a rate of knots !


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