Monday 18 September 2017

Marmalade out. Jess Jelly in.

Jess and Ivy came for a little visit yesterday afternoon, it was a wonderful tonic.
Jess brought a jar of Blackberry and Hawthorn jelly that she had made that day. I was on my best behaviour so I waited until she left before ripping the lid off to have a sniff. Oh My Word, sweet, smokey and deeply fruity. Autumn in a jar. I did have a tiny taste and the SO had a larger one. It now has a label on reading HIS.
Tomorrow I will be picking Hawthorn Hips and probably begging apples from Jess to make a batch.

I also received a thank you card, for Ivy's birthday gifts, that is on proud display while it waits for a frame. It is a montage of photo's of Ivy having fun and I love it.

The bright jumper and hat fitted and I have a green one that needs finishing in the same size. The next ones will need to be a little bigger. There is a special joy to be found in knitting little garments, nothing to do with a quick finish at all, even more so than with a pair of socks.

Here is the top of my Dresser, I am so pleased with it, I have not put all the china out, just most of the Old country Roses. The Silver Maple had to stay in the kitchen cupboards. The flowered stuff does look better against the dark wood though.

All my curtains are now hung, I am just waiting for a rug to arrive. 

Ben doesn't know whether he is coming or going, he spends a while in one room on the sofa and then moves into the other for a snooze. Rufus just took it in his stride.

I slipped over to Llandeilo this afternoon, I took a stack of books for one of the Cafe's which is raising money for a charity. Deb's hubby is having a turn out as well and will transport them all together.

She has some lovely new Alpaca blend yarn in but I was not to be tempted, however 2 balls of Acrylic and cotton blend did slip into my bag, just enough for a small person cardigan.

I have a list of jobs to do in the garden over the course of the week, fingers crossed the weather will co-operate. 

I don't think there is anything else for today, I hope intend to get Ivy's green sweater finished tonight and possibly cast on the cardigan. I do have socks on the needles, of course I do, but want to save them for my hospital waiting time. Rufus,s owner is still in plaster and consequently we are trailing back and forth.

On that note I am off to get dinner ready to put in the oven, I want the timing set so dinner is ready when I get back from walking the dogs later.

                             TTFN                                        Pam


  1. My sister collects Old Country Roses, I often buy the odd piece for her if I see any in charity shops or boot sales. It does look good on your lovely new (to you) dresser. Well done on resisting the Alpaca yarn.

    1. I keep my eye on Ebay but the prices are getting very silly now.

  2. Pretty dishes. And, those jams sound delicious!

  3. What a lovely Welsh Dresser and china, they're just made for each other. Perfect!

    At least you know where there is some if you just happen to see a pattern that's crying out for Alpaca blend ;-)

    1. Oh I have the pattern, more than one, but the stash needs some more serious attention before I buy any more.

  4. The dresser is beautiful, I love them, I think it's rather special as it's evidently got a lot of history, your China does it justice. Sorry to read you weren't to well but I think maybe sometimes you over do it, you always remind me of the advert of the viola cake mix lady where they speed up the camera as she's mixing lol. I don't think your younger readers will know that advert. I absolutely love your craft room it looks great and very inviting, enjoy it you've worked hard and deserve it. Take care lovely lady.

  5. Your dresser is beautiful and the china is perfect on there.

  6. Loved the welsh dresser, it looks amazing with your collection of Country Roses. I too collect that pattern and since moving use it on a daily basis.


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