Saturday, 2 June 2018

The best laid plans.....

I had so much planned.
I had a comprehensive list.
I did the boring stuff first, changed beds, dusted, polished and vacuumed. Thank goodness.
Then the tired bug bit me, hard.
2 days slipped by, the only good bit was a visit from Jess and Ivy.
Jess gave me a lovely card and a wonderful painting of the Black Mountains.
She is an accomplished artist and her work is very much to my taste.

Apart from that I have walked the dogs, rustled up food and cleared the kitchen after eating.
I need to say here that most of the food has been cold. based on Cous cous, Bulgar Wheat and loads of fresh salad and herbs. I did go a bit overboard on a batch of tabbouleh and managed to foist some on to Jess. We had massive bowls of it and there is some left for tonight, I just need to decide what to serve with it.

I still have to load my photos and will try to get it done today.
I have been mostly sofa bound with knitting and you tube or free books on my new tablet.
 I was in bed by 8 last night, I did intend to read but soon realised that it was not going well. I threw the towel in and went to sleep, the dogs woke me early so I am glad of that.

I did get into the garden for a little while, weeding was done and it looks much better for it.
There is a growing collection of shrubs waiting to go in so I hope for another session out there soon.

The SO is busy sorting out a kitchen, he has moved cupboards and put some new ones in. He is now tiling and once that is finished has new flooring to put in.

There was a damp issue in one corner, a few people had been and looked at it with no resolution. He put ladders up outside and found that the neighbouring property had diverted their bathroom waste water into the guttering!!
Needless to say that has been resolved, as has the cost of putting it right.
Today and  Monday should see the job finished, fingers crossed as I need a fence putting in. The last stage of Herbie proofing the garden.

On that note I am off to have a cuppa before my morning garden walk round.

                         TTFN                                   Pam


  1. SOmetimes absolute weariness just crashed down on you and there's no fighting it. I am glad you were able to rest.

  2. Got my cuppa, done the garden walk around. I think it must be the weather because I too have been extra tired the last couple of days. But like you I can still craft.

  3. Afternoon Pam

    I do hope you are on the mend and not pushing yourself too hard with jobs (pleasure or work). Just do the necessary and sort it out when you're feeling up to it.

    Sounds a bit cheeky (as well as an odd thing to do) the neighbours diverting their waste water into the guttering. Oh well, good job that your 'SO' was able to sort it out - despite the extra cost.

    Best wishes

    Carol x

  4. Pam, when the knackered bug hits it is best to rest with a good book or nice movie. HW can wait until you feel more up to it. Hope you are feeling full of Spring today.

  5. Knitting on the sofa with audio book sounds like perfection!

  6. I understand the best laid plans thing completely. As I am now in week 5 of the dreaded Shingles very little, if anything, is getting done around here. I flicked a duster around the living room yesterday and then had to go lay down-unbelievable. I've managed to plant a few tomato plants and put some flowers in pots but that is probably it for this year. It's so frustrating because the flower beds are full of weeds and all I can do is stand and look at them. Well, enough about my pity party!!
    What an amazing, thoughtful gift from Jess. Can't wait to see a picture. Hope you're feeling a little more energetic soon and can get your shrubs planted. Can't believe that someone would divert their bathroom waste to the guttering, good grief!!!

  7. The past few days have been dark and dreary. I have found myself falling asleep during my afternoon knitting sessions.

    I hope that you get your energy back very soon.

    God bless.

  8. How lovely to have a painting by Jess, she's so talented.


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