Tuesday 29 May 2018


The great Doddy used that word (he probably invented it) and it describes just how I am feeling.
Yesterday was a brilliant day.

I managed to sleep till 6.
The sun shone.
I had washing pegged out by 7:15.
It was in, ironed and put away by 12:30.
The dogs had a long leisurely walk along our favourite lane.
We planned to  leave for Carmarthen at 2:00 and made it 5 minutes early.

The lovely people at Pizza Express let us decorate the table, and found us some scissors as we had forgotten ours.

The service was second to none and the staff donned party hats to join in with the fun.

Junior opened his gifts with delight the, other 2 loved their little gifts as well. They did the job of keeping bums firmly on seats and little fingers busy. 

The food was delish, I had the Super food salad and loved every mouthful ( I did have to allow James and the SO a taste). I did have a fairly naughty starter and a very naughty dessert (I shared both with the SO, who ate his own as well)

The promised rain held off until the minute that we were in the car and then it hammered down. We were just approaching Cross Hands when it stopped and from then on it was dry.

My garden has has a soaking and once Francesca has returned to Beckenham I will be getting my new plants into the ground.

I am weary today, and a bit achy, it will be a day of gentle contemplation. Haha, as if. The dogs will have their walks, there is washing in the machine and Toad in the Hole to be made for dinner.
It is national biscuit day, or so I have been told, and Oaty biscuits and some fruity cookies have been requested.

I will be taking it as steady as possible though, just ambling along at whatever pace I wish to.

I have some photos but have not put them in the laptop yet, hopefully tomorrow.

The washing machine has just stopped, and beeped to tell me to get my body through and empty it.
The sun is shining from an almost cloudless blue sky so I better comply.

                                 TTFN                                Pam


  1. I managed to get everything in the ground, just before a sharp storm yesterday. Our garden is getting there, I ache today as well.

  2. It sounds an absolutely wonderful day and today maybe you can take it easy and 'recover'.
    J x

  3. Sounds like a lovely day Pam.
    Still waiting for some rain here....we had the loudest, flashiest thunder storm on Sunday evening but not a drop of rain.

  4. I think the great Ken was discomknockerated but I like your variation. Will probably use it. In fact I like yours better.

  5. Afternoon Pam

    Sounds as though everybody had a wonderful time at the party. Probably the younger members would like parties more often and the older members are pleased it's only once a year! :-) It's the 'getting together' and enjoying being together that creates the good memories. The aches and pains get forgotten about.
    Have a slow few days (not that 'slow' is in your nature or vocabulary).

    Could someone send me a bit of rain to fill my water-butts up - they're nearly empty! :-(

    Enjoy the afternoon.

    Carol x

  6. We have a dull and overcast day today, high is good for being busy doing house jobs. Hopefully you’ll feel less discomknackerated by the end of the day xx

  7. You had a lovely party. It sounds as if everyone enjoyed themselves.

    We are finally getting some rain here. The bit we got overnight really helped get things moving in the veggie garden. The rain we are getting throughout the day is filling our water barrel once again.

    Looking forward to seeing your photos.

    God bless.

  8. Sounds like a pretty day there. I love getting things done early...and the washing out on the line. The party sounds perfect and lots of fun.

  9. Sounds like the perfect party.


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