Friday 6 July 2018

A nice little windfall.

A couple of days ago a letter from my building society dropped onto the mat.
It contained a letter and a cheque for well over £100.
Apparently when I paid off my mortgage an error occurred and I paid a little too much.
That mistake came to light and compound interest has been added. Very nice indeed, I did think that perhaps I would buy another overlocker.
But common sense won though, thank goodness, and I have paid it into my account. It can sit in there till I need it. 
The  washing machine is quite elderly and sometimes does  not spin that well, so it may well go towards a replacement. One with lots of ECO features to save money in the future.
Whatever, it is a nice little addition to the coffers. 
Every little helps, as the jingle goes.

Yesterday was another hot one and not much sewing happened after all. I have the bodice and skirt together and the bodice lined on one dress.
The other is still in waiting, mainly because I cannot decide on which lining to use. The background colour is a soft pale cream, my linings are white, pale blue and pale pink. I think that either of them will show through, so I may have to look for some cream fabric.

All the necessary jobs were done and a tour of the garden led to a slightly painful decision.
We have lots of birds in and around the garden. We have feeders and shallow water dishes and they are being emptied almost as fast as we fill them. This dry weather is obviously having an effect on my feathered neighbours.

The protective covers are now off the soft fruit and the birds have free access. The dog bed "paddling pool" has some rocks placed in it so birds can alight and drink or bath if they so wish.

I can manage without the fruit but it may keep many birds alive and healthy. When we clear the top area of the garden that will become a little wildlife sanctuary. I already have  Hawthorn and Elder up there and will build from them. I need to do a little research first and then source the best food supply.

I would love to have a beehive, one of my friends in the village is a bee enthusiast who has hives scattered around various gardens, but there a several small children close by. Another thing to research.

Our cold dinner last night was lovely, we had a few hours of very heavy and humid conditions. It felt as though a storm was gathering but it came to nothing more than an increase in both temperature and brightness.

Tonight we will be having a pasta dish, I took a tub of basic tomato, onion and garlic sauce from the freezer. To that I will add whatever veg I have and some edamame beans, we love them. There are some Parmesan rinds in the freezer and one of those will be grated in for an extra hit of flavour.

I had a look online yesterday for a shelving unit for the utility room and found a bargain. It is on its way and will hold all my cleaning supplies that used to overflow the old shelf.

Now I think another cuppa is called for before I walk the dogs.

                          TTFN                                   Pam

PS. I have just been into the garden and there were 3 sparrows perched on the stones in the "pool".


  1. No rain here, too hot to do anything, already been for my long walk, rest of morning inside.

  2. How lovely to receive an unexpected windfall.

    We both did the same thing yesterday then. I put a skirt and a bodice together too....except mine was in miniature.

    Have a lovely day today.

  3. It's much too hot here too, Pam, it even dries the washing too fast so that it feels crispy, naturally exfoliating towels! I know I'm saving electricity by not using the tumble drier but I like FLUFFY towels :)
    Your wildlife sanctuary idea sounds brilliant.

  4. What a lovely surprise for you!

  5. What a lovely windfall, Pam. Hope you don’t need a new washing machine too soon. I’m really fed up with the heatwave now-the last time I remember heat like this was 1976 when I had a very fractious toddler whose eczema was really flaring and the only place she was happy was in the big bath filled with cool water.

  6. I got a letter like that. Was it Santander by any chance?

  7. It's blistering hot today... When I left work at 1300 it was 42 outside and driving back here to the coast it was 37. It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow.
    I'm taking care of my mom's trust and got a refund from her car insurance for 475$. That will go into the pot which will be divided between my brother and I after the attorney and creditors get their portion. Stay cool.

  8. Wow, that was a very lovely surprise.

    I keep saying that I need to get sewing, but end up picking up the knitting needles instead.

    God bless.

  9. I got a little cheque for £25 from Ernie today. I have a bird bath on a pedestal in my shrubbery. Do you think it might be used more if it was out in the open?

  10. Enjoy that feeling of money foor nothing in the bank x I love my feathered friends and spend hours just watching them. I’ve loads and they are quite tame - I think they are the babies! They don’t even fly away eve I come outside, just line up on the washing line as of to say
    Come on woman, fill up these feeders!!!


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