Thursday 5 July 2018

Pop Up notifications grrrr

I can guarantee that within seconds of starting to write a post I will get a pop up from Toshiba, mostly regarding putting Office on here. I dismiss them all and would love to block them, that may well be a task for Francesca when she is here next.

Then there are the websites that offer recipes, patterns, whatever and every few lines there is an advert. I just click straight off, I assume that this gives the writer an income. I just wish there was a warning so that I could avoid the annoyance.

Ooh Er, am I turning into a whinger, perhaps I have already turned.

It is all these little things that mount up  and get right under my skin, I imagine that I am not alone in this.

I have a sewing sort of day planned, yesterday was a clean through day. I have finally persuaded Herbie that the vacuum cleaner is not an enemy and is not to be attacked. That makes for a much easier life. 
Threads and Herbie hair is what I am mainly picking up and have to stop and clear the brushes regularly. I can live with that, I would love a small cleaner but mine does a wonderful job. Plus it works (please let me not have put a hex on it) and while it carries on it will stay.

I actually cooked a meal last night, the day was much cooler, and I thought that it was about time. I cooked some veg, chopped up some cold roast chicken for a pie filling. I had intended to use soft herb cheese for the sauce but there was milk to use up so a bechemel sauce was duly made.

I made 2 so one will be for tonight with a chopped salad.

The weekend will not include much cooking,  apart from a fish pie that the SO has requested for Sunday. 

I plan on a big laundry catch up over the weekend. It will be squeezed in between other things. I am at The Flying Geese on Saturday and also plan on popping in on Friday. That will be for a catch up and a gossip. There was a small shopping list and I got that done this morning, before the main dog walk. Go Me.

I saw a recipe for chocolate ice cream on a you tube video, frozen banana, avocado and cocoa or carob powder. Guess what pudding will be over the weekend.
I had some ripe bananas, they are now in the freezer, and I will be buying an avocado tomorrow. I always have cocoa powder in the house, the SO loves coconut and chocolate cookies and/or cake.

Now the vacuum cleaner needs to go over the rug, Herbie had a good roll just a few second ago. He is now in his bed snoring. Then I am off to put a new needle in the machine.
I need dark thread in the overlocker, I am tempted to buy another just for dark sewing. It would be an indulgence though as I do not sew dark things much. I better resist.

                         TTFN                                        Pam

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  1. I think it comes to us all Pam. I am a proper 'grumpy old woman' these days. The main focus of my wrath being T***o and their current move round with nearly every aisle blocked by stock trolleys and many items missing from the shelf.
    I swear someone will come and take me away if I wander round chuntering much
    Wishing I had not offered a cooked meal tonight. I am melting in the kitchen.


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