Sunday 1 July 2018

It ain't half hot Mum.

Not complaining, I am storing up memories ready for the rain.
Because rain it will, and this being the UK once it starts it will not know when to stop.

I was reminiscing  yesterday about the year that we had to be out picking strawberries at first light and then finish at 10:00 am. 
That was to protect the quality of the fruit, nothing to do with working in a heatwave.
Later that summer it rained, boy did it rain, and we picked the black and redcurrants for dye. They were rotting on the bushes, we got a decent price for them but the laundry, OH BOY. Never mind the purple hands, that lasted for what seemed like weeks.

I had a sewing session yesterday, another dress.

It is very soft cotton and the lining is just as soft, very cool and extremely drapey for cotton.

The socks are off the needles and on the feet.

I made these with a very wide toe cast on, 32 stitches, 16 wraps for a Turkish cast on.
I did that by mistake on the previous pair, and he commented on how comfy they were, now it will be on every new pair.

You remember that yesterday I said no more casting on. I failed.
I needed a mindless knit last night so another pair is on the circular needle.

My fabric arrived, I unwrapped it and had a little stroking session.Then put it away till next week.

The SO asked me to make him some shorts, just simple jogger type, no pockets and an elasticated waist.
I ran up a couple of pairs and while they do the job I was distinctly underwhelmed with them.

I had a little looky looky online and ordered a pattern, we will see how it turns out. The pattern that I used was for PJ bottoms and is a bit on the baggy side. I did some tapering and shortened the top by 2" but would rather have a good pattern.
I also thought that putting those mesh inserts in would be a good idea. You know the things, they are in mens and boys swim shorts to keep it all decent.

I looked online, and I looked some more, then some more.

What did I find?

A big fat nothing.

So, if any one out there knows where they can be had I would appreciate a heads up.

I will share the new fabric tomorrow, it is getting on now and I have things to do.

I am all behind because I cleaned the oven this morning. I managed to spill something sugary on it while it was too hot to wipe off.
The sugar promptly burnt on. DUH.

Toodle pip.

                         TTFN                                      Pip.


  1. Pretty fabric for your new summer frock, I like that

    1. I have another two cut out but it is too hot to sew today. I have been storing the Peony fabric for quite some time. I have a little left that I hope to squeeze a top from.

  2. Ah Pam. You can get that stuff on a website called the sewing chest. The website looks a bit drab but I assure you it is where I get all my lingerie fabrics and specialist stuff from. Also she has swimwear stuff. She does remnant bits and pieces so she might have some - not promising though but worth a look. Jo xx

    1. I went and looked and I purchased. Thank`you so much Jo.


    This is the mesh stuff YAY!!!! Jo xx

    1. Just the job, I put this up in case anyone else was interested.


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