Sunday 15 July 2018

Pretty Damned Frustrating.

Or, Potential Dress Failure. Or, Project Diabolically Fashioned.

Notice the constant?

P D F. 

sewing patterns.

Tearing of hair, gnashing of teeth......
And a few naughty words.

Nothing lines up exactly.

The pattern was only available in that form. WHY?

This is my second PDF pattern this year. The first one was a free Tee shirt pattern, only 2 pieces so not much to go awry.
This current one was bought and was not cheap.

If I match the shaping lines then there are gaps and overlaps in other places. 
I have persevered and managed a reasonable looking pattern.
It is not the printer, I double checked before clicking to print.

I will be going back to Tilly and the buttons for my patterns. I will NOT be buying any more PDF patterns no matter how much I want them.

I did buy this last year but only printed it off for the first time yesterday.

Now I am going back to wash the fabric, I hope to start cutting out tomorrow.
Wish me luck.

                            TTFN                                 Pam


  1. Yikes! Sorry that it's giving you so much grief! Sounds like a wise decision not to buy anymore of them.

    1. It bugs me that designers make some patterns pdf only, I do not see the reasoning.

  2. I can't quite bring myself to buy PDF patterns. I do look at them and then go nah....I'll stick with me paper patterns.

    1. I will not be buying anymore. I will continue to mix and match the pieces that i have.

  3. I have always wondered about piecing together those PDF patterns. The problems you are having has always been what keeps me from purchasing them.

    Glad you kept at it and got something to work with.

    God bless.

    1. I would not give up, it is not in my nature.

  4. I find them extremely frustrating too. xx

    1. The next problem is how to store the finished sections, they can not be folded. probably clipped on a skirt hanger.

  5. Good luck with it. Having to print off and jigsaw it all together seems such a faff, I nearly did one last month then thought nah! I made it up instead. If you like patterns I think Burda ones are good, packet not PDF! x

  6. I downloaded one of those patterns too...that cost me money. No more! I managed to get the pieces cut and lined up okay, but being the Southerner from NC that I am, I could not understand one word of the instructions.

  7. I never had a problem with pdf pattern, prefer them in fact because they can be printed on sturdy paper. I have yet to find one that doesn't match up (touching wood). Can't bear the tissue thin things. What designer did you use? I'll make sure to avoid this one :-)

  8. I hope you managed to sort it out. I'm not a sewer so I can't comment on PDF patterns, though I've heard others say that they don't like them.


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