Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Number Withheld.

Do you answer that call?
I do not. nor the "Private Number" that pops up on the odd  occasion.

Even a couple of family members have messaged to say that they keep calling but we are never in. They know that we do not pick up, but still their numbers do not show. They cannot really want to speak to us.

I used to take these calls, then got so fed up with marketing calls and cold selling that I just stopped, I also went ex-directory. Some calls still came through and refused to stop when asked. I rang B.T. and had a stop put on the nuisance calls.

Then the news broke that the DVLA sell phone numbers. I contacted them with a formal complaint, that was when you could actually speak to a real breathing person. Eventually the calls stopped.

Then came the PPI fiasco, everyone that I know had multiple calls. I assume that we had some but by never answering a withheld number call we avoided them.

My landline phone hardly ever rings, but when it does it is usually someone that I am happy to speak to. That suits me fine.

I am not unsociable, I just do not want to interrupt whatever I am doing to answer a phone call that has no interest for me. If it is someone that I know then I am only too happy to stop and chatter .
If the number is not in my phone book so no name comes up I just wait to see if a message is left. 
If not then I ignore it, if there is a message I deal with it in whatever way I deem to be appropriate, perhaps I call back, perhaps I do not.
There are so many people who try to sell over the phone, not interested thank you.
Sky used to call on a fairly regular basis trying to sell upgrades and so on. I asked for the calls to stop, when they did not I told them that I considered it to be harassment. The calls stopped.

I know that those who work in call centres are only trying to earn a living. If there is anything that I need I will go and look for it, I do not want a stream of calls trying to sell me something that I am not interested in.

Right, now that is off my chest I will put the soapbox away.

Another hot day, a little breeze and the odd widespread cloud to give respite from the glare.

A trip to pick up more sand and cement, oh and paint. We considered lots of different flooring possibilities.
Tiles, too cold and can be slippy.
Vinyl, would have to be glued down and I am not keen.
Polished concrete, love it but the polisher would not work in such a small area.
Specialist floor paint, non slip with a rubber content, easy to keep clean. That will do nicely.

The Walls.
Tiles, too much work keeping them nice and shiny.
Paper, goodness NO. Takes me back to my childhood.
Paint then, the stuff for kitchens and bathrooms. Just the job.

Grey floor, white walls. Easy to keep clean and easy to change if I don't like it after all. There will be new metal shelving in grey and the washing machine and freezer are both white. I will possibly have coloured storage boxes on the shelves in a bright colour, that way it will not look like a morgue.

Dinner was simple again, home made scotch egg with a chopped salad mixed through bulgar wheat and quinoa.
The remains of the cheesecake with a drizzle of cream, perhaps a little more than a drizzle, and we were done.

I roasted a chicken for further cold meals, there is a chunk of roast ham left so I may stretch to making a chicken and ham pie. No making a bechamel sauce though, I will stir the meat into soft cheese with herbs and garlic. The pastry will be puff from the freezer, I used to make my own but not now.

Oh, would you look at the time, I am on the drag this morning. That is something to do with a disturbed night, there was a cat fight outside somewhere close at 2 this morning and they woke me and the dogs.
The SO managed to sleep through it.

Ben and Herbie are standing in the hall under their leads, I call that a subtle hint.

                            TTFN                                    Pam


  1. Being hard of hearing, I rarely answer the phone anyway. I doubt I miss much and friends and family know the drill. :-)
    It's going to be splendid when it is all finished, isn't it?

    1. I hope that it turns out just as I imagine it.

  2. I pick up every call that comes in on the landline if I am in, because I don't have a gadget which tells me who it is that's calling. It is a tad annoying to get unwanted calls, I don't get many, but I just say no thanks and put the phone down.

    1. When my last landline phone bit the dust the cheapest had caller display and it has been a boon.

  3. I am getting loads of calls on my mobile, if I do not recognise the number I do not answer, if they call again, I google the number, more often than not they come up as nuisance call and I block the number, like you I can ignore the phone ringing and my family will always leave a message.

    1. No mobile to worry me, thank goodness.

  4. I get a lot of rubbish calles on my mobile. I just don't answer them. I check them on "who called me" before blocking them. My blocked list is longer than my contacts list.

    1. So many calls are either scams or PPI and similar, just nuisance calls.

  5. enjoy reading here but, who is the SO?

    1. The SO is my Significant Other, I thought it made a change from OH or DB. On a bad day it may stand for Stupid Oaf, it hasn't so far.

  6. We have done the opposite, we do not display our number so companies don’t harvest it and we got a call blocker, we get very few marketing calls now. As to a mobil phone, easy we haven’t got one.

    1. The problem is that many companies, who need your number, sell the lists on. It should not be legal practice.

  7. I am the same regarding phone calls - name of friends and relatives come on the screen when they ring, and I add important numbers like my GP surgery, garage where I get my car serviced so I know if it is them calling. Any other numbers and I either do not answer or reject the call. If its important they can send me a text or leave me a message.

    When the telephone rings it is an invitation to answer, not a command.

  8. Unfortunately the hospital comes up on my phone as number withheld so I have to answer those calls

  9. Same here, we have an answer machine if someone wants to leave a message and the spam calls have lessened. Hadn’t thought of soft cheese instead of sauce, will be trying that xx

  10. Hi Pam, just wanted to pop on and say that I am so impressed that you are still blogging! I used to have Brown Calico Curtains back in 2009-2015, long since defunct, and sort of got away from reading others blogs. Looks like you are doing well and have a SO now?! That’s wonderful. I will be reading regularly now, and have toyed with starting up a blog of my own again. Getting on in years, and not as spry as I used to be, would be nice to have a new (old) hobby that involves meeting new people. Take care! Sue

    1. Do start one up, it opens doors to lovely people and places.

  11. Oh ....I hear you...when I had a landline I was able to sign up for blocking all marketing type calls but they still allowed charity organizations. I only have a mobile now and sometimes get frequent calls from scammers claiming to be from Internet provider and wanting access to the computer to fix urgent problem....stealing your online banking details ! !
    I tell them I will just get my son, who has a master's degree in computer science and they hang up...funny that!
    I have blocked numbers but they keep,using new ones.
    A lot of friends and art group people were teachers so have private numbers, so that comes up a lot.

  12. Hellooo Pam,
    My mother in law loves to answer the phone to these people and kid on she's the maid and she'll get the master or mistress to come to the phone. Then she leaves the phone off the hook for ages !!!

  13. I really do need to get a phone with caller display, those unwanted phonecalls are a real nuisance.

  14. We only get the odd unwanted call on the land line now. They call once and don't bother again after I have finished with
    I wouldn't have a mobile phone if you paid me....I hate the ruddy things.
    Nobody should be able to sell your phone number should they? It's absolutely disgusting.
    Loving the sound of your utility room. It's one thing I would like to have here but there is no room for one unfortunately.


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