Tuesday 3 July 2018

Tuesday delights.

Absolutely nothing to do with Turkish Delight.

Another bright and sunny morning, with a gentle cooling breeze. Ben and Herbie have had their first walk, and breakfast, I am on my second cup of tea, a posh one from the pot. I am still drinking the lovely tea that Francesca brought me, she got it from a specialist tea shop in London, it will be all gone this week.

We are off to B&Q this morning for extra supplies of sand and cement, I may have to have a little look at the plants.

Crafting is restricted to sewing, I did try knitting again last night but the heat from my lamp was just too much. 

Food is mainly salad stuff, cooked grains with lots of chopped up veg and a splash of balsamic vinegar. We had a sandwich for a late lunch yesterday and just a slice of cheesecake for dinner. That was all that we fancied and it was lovely, unfortunately there is more for tonight.

My neighbour W was out yesterday and came home with a rigid plastic paddling pool for the dogs. Our one time neighbour D arrived for the afternoon with his little terrier and a pool party happened. Even Ben went in for a paddle.
I may have got my feet wet.

There is now a shallow pool in our garden, it used to be a dog bed but was replaced with a smaller one last year. It is perfect and has had the seal of approval from Herbie.

I used to have a wild life pool in my garden at Tydd, I think that when we clear the top section we will put one in here. There are some clay deposits scattered through the garden so some of that can be dug out and used to line it. It is along time since I paddled,or should that be puddled about, in clay to make a natural pond. 

Now the SO is making "are you ready yet" signs so I better get a wiggle on.

                          TTFN                                  Pam


  1. Those daylight bulbs (and bright lamps) do whack out a lot of heat, don't they. Fine in winter, not so great now.

  2. Apparently we have another two weeks of this hot weather so I'm glad I stocked up the salad drawer last night.
    We tried Smudge with a paddling pool but he was having none of it Not surprising really as at bath time he can be found cowering under the bed right at the top of the
    I do love a trip to B&Q. Not been to ours for ages.

  3. You make me want a wading pool. It is very hot here too.

  4. We have had a strong North sea breeze today and it's beautiful.

  5. Sounds like the weather is hot there too. We are roasting here...and dry! Glad you got some rain. There is a slim chance for a shower tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. Turkish delight ...... Yes please, now I fancy one of those.... Perhaps I'll add it to thus weeks shopping list...I've been a good girl!


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