Monday 9 July 2018

Old Guys Rule. Mmmmm

In their dreams perhaps, but in this house it's all about the shorts.

Fresh from the machine, straight onto the body! He is worse than a child with a new toy when it comes to new clothes.

There is one glaring error here, I do not think that he will ever be a recovering workaholic.

This pair are not quite finished, I ran out of steam.

It was a hot day but we got lots done, the kitchen is back to rights. washing all caught up with and, apart from the stuff waiting to come in, it is all ironed and put away.

There are 2 boxes of china, glassware and a couple of crochet blankets all ready for the CS next time that I go out.

Lunch was a sandwich and a glass of water, too hot for anything else, dinner was a cobbled together fakeaway again, just what I dug out of the freezer.

A small pizza, 2 Burritos and some salad. I would have cooked but the SO said not to bother. I had a box of breaded mozzarella in there and  dug them out as well. They were tasty with some cranberry sauce, and are one of his favourite snacky things.

I will have to cook today, there is a limit to the amount of scrappy meals that I will eat. Once my tea is drunk I will prep all the veg for a stir fry. 

I hope to get some more sewing done today, there are 3 part made garments lurking and someone wants his other shorts.

Those shorts fabrics came from the Flying Goose, I had been eyeing them up for a while and bought them on Saturday. Sue has some gorgeous prints in and there is a panel print in particular that I love.
It is dress length but too narrow for anyone over a size "How Small". But I think that I could use 2 of them as the fronts for a Kaftan or kimono style top. It needs a bit of thought and I will look at a few patterns and have a ponder.

Apart from that nothing much has happened around here. My lovely neighbours are helping me to cope with the marvellous crop of strawberries. Part of me wants to make jam but the realistic part says " Just look at the preserves shelf in the pantry, rather make that shelves.

We are hardly eating sweet stuff at all in this heat, the SO still has cookies left from the last batch. They are getting soft now so I may break them up and stir into some banana "ice cream". With some mashed avocado to make it creamy and some chocolate sauce to make it dreamy.

That really is it now, my tea is drunk and I want to take a little walk round the garden. Once the dogs have been walked it will be too hot, for me, to be out there. I will be buying some meal worms for the bird table on my next trip out. W said that they need extra protein now, he is very wild life orientated, so I will pick some up this week.

                              TTFN                                  Pam


  1. Good morning Pam.. You up early too? I couldn't sleep too well last night for the heat. We put the fan on but it keeps us awake with the noise. I love those boxer shorts. I think I might cut up an old pair of Tony's and make him some today.

    1. I am nearly always an early bird, in this heat I can get everything done before the sun gets too high. The shorts are a winner and very quick to make.

  2. Those shorts are great Pam, I wish I could sew as well as you :D

    1. It used to be a fairly cheap hobby but not anymore. I still enjoy it though and enjoy seeking out fabrics at a good price.

  3. What absolutely fabulous fabric. Just brilliant for shorts.
    I might ring the changes with the salad tomorrow and make some cous cous with salady bits chopped into it and a lime dressing. It should be quite refreshing.

    1. I like cous cous but lately we have been having a mix of bulgar wheat and quinoa, more protein and they cook together. Just a straightforward stir fry with noodles tonight, I can manage the heat for the 10 minutes it will take.

  4. Great shorts, your SO is a lucky chap!! Made your cookies and they were delicious, the only problem is they don't keep well, too yummy! ;-) Thanks for posting the recipe.

    1. i did warn that they were very moreish.


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