Monday 23 July 2018

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it is Pam flying from here to there and back again.

Visiting the baby, deep joy. playing with and reading to Ivy, even deeper joy.

Cutting grass, well more like making hay! Not ours, one of the houses that the SO maintains. The tenant could not or would not.

Cleaning another house prior to decorating, no gardening here thankfully. There is outside painting to do, fingers crossed that will be completed today as it should be cloudy. (with no chance of meatballs)

Sticking to the SW plan, proving to be quite painless, too hot to eat fat laden food. A gift of cucumber and tomatoes was a big help, my young plants were attacked and died. but the courgette plants are very productive.

It was quite late on Friday when I shopped and most of my shopping was yellow stickered. It was mostly fruit, veg and salad and my fridges are full. 

I made a chocolate mousse with fromage frais, quark and cocoa powder, I wanted silken tofu but had run out it, was still very good. A dollop on top of a sugar free raspberry jelly, full of berries, slipped down our parched throats a treat. 

I have watched a few vlogs and picked up some cracking ideas. The Budget Slimmers are very down to earth, they are now on a "skint week" and are showing how beneficial it is to have a store cupboard and freezer stock. 

There are still 4 days till I weigh in, Thursday evening at 7 is the witching hour. I have no idea how I am doing, I do have scales, they are in the very back of the cupboard under the stairs and can stay there.

I have an early dog walk today and then we are off for the days dose of work. There is an enclosed garden so Ben and Herbie will be coming with us. Much better than having to run back at lunch time to let them out.

Time to go, see you on the other side.

                     TTFN                                  Pam


  1. You’re birlin as we say up here. Be careful not to overdo it in this heat, Pam. I’m washing bedding and blankets etc today as there’s a slight breeze. Need to start thinking about the C*****mas makes for my group shortly ( in 20+C , it’s hard)

  2. Good luck on the weight loss. I have come to accept that I'm too OCD for scales. Once I start looking, I'm on it too much. Better to just let my clothes be my guide. :)

  3. You have been flying, aw babies and little ones, the best times. I had my weigh in this afternoon, never peak between weigh ins xx

  4. I'm finding it really hard to get motivated in this heat, I stood and ironed this morning with sweat literally running down my back, I had to get a shower afterwards. It's nice weather if you don't have to do anything but not so nice when there's jobs to be done. Good luck with the weight loss.


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