Thursday, 24 July 2014

A Rose is a Rose by any other name.

I owe an  apology to the owner of Isabeau Inspirations, I have been rattling on and calling her Hayley when her name is Hilary. I have no excuse and I have apologized in person. She is a lovely woman, as you will see a bit later in this post.

I wanted some simple sewing, chewing gum for the brain really, a No Sleep Night left me unable to cope with thinking.
I pulled out some pinks for a cushion and found my Thangles, I must have had them for 3 years.

I picked my fabrics and started sewing on the lines, and on and on and on. Tedious. I persevered and with the aid of some white on white I now have this for a cushion front.

This is for Fran, I was going to make a log cabin back for it but when searching for the white I found these.

These were the scraps from some projects at least 2 years ago sewn into HST as leaders and enders, the little pile on the left are still pinned.

All sewn now, the small pile on the left are trimmed to 2 1/2", I have left the trimmings so you can see there is very little wastage. All of this was new fabric and even at sale price ( I tend to mainly buy in the sales) I hate to waste a smidgeon.

I will finish this job when it cools down a bit and lay out ready to sew tomorrow.
It is too hot to eat much, I rustled around and found some almost crisp celery, scrubbed and dunked into iced water and it was  soon revived. Some natural yogurt and crushed garlic with chopped herbs, Yummy.

I did have the heel of a loaf of bread with it and a smallish bit of cake for pudding and enjoyed every mouthfull.

I walked past "Cherry on Top" mid afternoon, they make amazing cakes and do a good range of home made food, the heat was rolling out of the door and there was a family group eating inside. I do not know how they could do it, the sun was full on the front of the building and I would estimate that the temp inside was well over 30c.

Ben is loving the sun and if I did not watch him he would follow the sun round and lie in it all day.

Back to the lovely Hilary, when sewing all those Thangles I remembered watching a Missouri Quilt Company tutorial, Jenny wqas sewing WOF strips together down both long edges then using a 90 degree triangle ruler to cut the strips. When opened up they were perfect HST, WOO HOO.  OOOPS I do not have such ruler. Solution, ring Hilary and ask,   YES Result she has one and will bring it home with her, how about that for service. It is a double win for me as not only have I saved petrol, I also did not swelter in the car and I did no impulse buying. When surrounded by haberdashery and fabric reason flies out the window PDQ.

Reasons to be grateful

1.  The hazel nuts are looking good, I see no predation by squirrels.

2.  My celery and dip was delicious.

3.  I am almost half way through a cushion for Fran and have enough precut and sewn squares to make a second.

4.  I have a new ruler to try out, that will save time.

5.  I have had no significant pain for 3 days.

I will be at the vet with Ben tomorrow morning his skin is improving but very slowly. While in Ponty I will pick up some more compost for seeds sewing and plants. I will also pop into Tesco and put some squash and juice in the food bank bin, I am drinking much more in this heat and I guess most people will if they can. I will put a pack of milk in as well and maybe some tinned fruit.

I must get sewing, there is a lot of fabric to get through and the days are slipping away.

    TTFN                                             Pam


  1. Hello
    Just found your blog
    I am living in a small welsh village at the " top" offa's dyke
    Wish I would have found you earlier..... I would have conscripted you into the art section of our flower show!

    1. Just popped over to "see" you, I have visited before and have read about your dogs. I used to have a pack and now only have little Ben. I moved recently and am as happy as Larry, who was he, settling in and making friends. I am going to look you up on the map, I want to spend some time exploring Wales while this glorious weather is here. I am off to Cardigan tomorrow to see the grands, I will be back later to read some more.


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