Friday, 11 July 2014

Busy doing nothing, working the whole day through.

Trying to find lots of things not to do, and succeeding.

Well after a fashion, I have been sewing. The 2 "duvet cover" skirts are finished and have been worn, although number 3 is still on the drawing board.
I am working on the border of my granny blanket.

Five rounds done, the soft blue is next and I plan on 4 more colours and then a double round of red.

Ben has had a short back and sides, his skin is still quite red in places and is back at the vet on Monday.

Here he is in all his glory, sunbathing on the lawn.

I have been out and about, nowhere in particular just the run of the mill places. I did have a run out yesterday and found a place to take Francesca out to lunch when she is over next. It has a garden menu so Ben will be able to go, I hardly ever go out without him now and he has helped me make friends. Not only with other dog walkers, he will shamelessly stop in front of any walker and sit up and "Meerkat" until they speak to him and then to me.

I have been looking at flowers in my garden,

These are in a planter on the front step, it was half price somewhere and looks lovely.

This just appeared through the grass on the edge of the central bed, the leaves looked intriguing so I left them alone, thankfully.

The roses have the most glorious scent, I can see 2 that I missed dead heading.

The little Swan River Daisy, although small is pretty enough to hold it,s own against the showy fuschia.

These are the flowers that I watch all the time. They are late because of course I moved at quite the wrong time. They are in a sunny and sheltered spot so maybe I will get a few cherry toms after all.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  Oh my, the heat is wonderful, long sun filled days.

2.  Ben,s new groomer is really very nice.

3.  Fran will be here in 7 days. for 3 days.

4. James and Cerys will be moving into there new home this time next week.

5.  My Sciatica seems to be sleeping, shhh don't wake it.

I still have a bit of stiffness in my left hip and knee but the walks with Ben will help loosen that up. I am going to start swimming again soon, I still have to try my swimmers on to see if they fit.
I also have a new yoga mat and will start doing my exercise routine again.
The weather has been wonderful and although the forecast for the weekend is not brilliant we should continue in much the same way for the next week or so.
I still have not explored the newly found footpath, I have set off several times to do so and have met up with other dog walkers and tootled along with them. It is good for me and Ben has so many new dog pals to socialise with.

I did watch the second episode of "This old thing" well I watched half of it and deleted it. The presenters clothes were worthy of a program but the rest of the content was not for me. I love vintage clothes and was hoping to pick up tips on alterations and so on from the much lauded workshop, but it was not to be.

It is now mid afternoon and I am wasting sunshine, so I am off to make tea and take it out on to my freshly mown grass. I decided to get it all cut yesterday but had to wait till 4:00 as it was a roaster.

    Have a good weekend.

    TTFN                                                        Pam


  1. Ben looks lovely and slinky shiny, give him a hug from me x

  2. Ben look lovely and slinky shiny, give him a hug from me x

  3. Glad you are both ok. Ben looks as handsome as ever. Aren't dog's great at making friends for their owners? Enjoy the sunshine.

    1. The sun is glorious and Ben is making lots of friends for us both.

  4. HI Pam. The colours of your blanket are pretty.I'm on a knitting fest at the moment and have already completed 2 jumpers, 1 cardigan for myself and am doing a hoodie for my granddaughter. Crocheting has gone by the by for now.

    1. I do like to knit but can not hold the weight of big items any more. I am now on a sewing fest.

  5. Ben looks very regal basking in the sun, I am looking forward to getting a dog, although we have Cassey a little Jack Russel who pops in for a cuddle and a chat.

    1. I would not part with Ben but a dog is a big commitment and a tie.

  6. I love the way dogs look when they have had a trim, when we had a collie cross dog she would sulk for a day after a being shorn and then realise how much nicer it was.
    How come you in wet Wales are getting sunshine and us in sunny Suffolk have gloom and drizzle!!

    1. Ben gets very excited when he is trimmed and runs round the house like something demented. We did have some drizzle yesterday (Saturday) but it has been lovely today again.

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  8. Love the blanket border, and Ben looks great with his trim. Pets are great conversation starters aren't they. have a great weekend.

    1. The border is growing nicely. Ben does help start conversations but I am a natural talker, and not a bit shy, so I do instigate conversations. Some people ignore but most are happy to have a quick chat and then there are those who would talk for hours. The weekend has been great.

  9. The weather is glorious, isn't it. I bet Ben is glad of a trim with this heat. The blanket looks great.
    Love from Mum


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