Thursday 17 July 2014

Sunshine Jumped Boldly Through My Window Today

I woke at around 6 this morning to strong, hot sunshine blazing through the gap where I had not closed the curtains fully, deep joy, I was out of bed in an instant.
I have wittered on about making things and working my way through my fabric mountain, shown photos of bags and stuff. Last night I had a long look at the mountain and decided to throw myself a new challenge.

By the end of September I want to have 100 items sewn solely from the stash. That sounds like a lot so I am starting from last Sunday, the 6 bags and the baby quilt will give me a kick start.

I made this knitting/crochet bag yesterday and I am calling it number 8 from 100. It was in my book, Quilting In No Time by Emma Hardy that has been languishing on the book shelf for many a long month.It went together very quickly and I am really happy with it. I will use it for crochet it will hold several balls of yarn, and hopefully keep it under control.

This just jumped at me for the lining I will probably use the rest of the print in the same way.

These blocks were left over from a project 2 years ago at least, 15 blocks not enough for 2 cushions or a single quilt.

I found the border fabric in with my big yardage cuts, it was half price ages ago and is a Michael Miller print. The binding will be the red and white stripe from Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. Both have been sitting waiting to be called to action. The blue print reminds me of the gum nuts from Australia and this is destined to be a small quilt for my SIL Sue in Perth WA. She will be able to lie on it next Australia Day, she is tiny and this will be perfect for her. It is in the obligatory Red White and Blue but does not look like a flag, it is unique and that will appeal to Sue.

I did not stop to eat much during the day so by dinner time I was really grumbling and growling. I had a big casserole in the fridge so ladled some into a saucepan. Then I whipped up a Yorkshire Pudding mix, while the oven was heating up I weighed out the ingredients for 2 Banana Cakes. The Yorkies went in, once they came out the cakes went in.

You need to see what  gannet that I can be.

My Yorkie filled with beef and root veg casserole and a small mountain of cabbage.

The Yorkie was 4 1/2" tall. and nearly as round as the plate, cooked in an 8" tin that is 2" deep. I did not mange it all, not quite, Ben was more than happy to find a wedge of pudding in his dish.
I did not think to take a photo of the Banana Cake but will share the recipe with you.

For a 2lb loaf tin I use:-
175 gms mixed brown and caster sugar.
175 gms soft buttery stuff.
75 gms ground almonds.
175 gms SR flour.
2 eggs.
This all goes in a bowl and I beat it up with a wooden spoon. 
Then I add a large soft ripe banana, I just pinch it into small bits with my fingers.
To that I add,
100 gms chopped Dark Chocolate, OR, 100gms roughly chopped Walnuts OR Hazel Nuts OR Toasted Almonds. Usually I add some of everything and sometimes I use 150 gms, sometimes only 50 gms.
I just tip it in and fold through the cake batter, turn it into a lined 2lb loaf tin and cook at 170 for 1 hour(ish) I check with a wooden skewer to see if it is done.
I never make less than 2 at a time and have made 4. they make very welcome gifts and keep well in the fridge. I have never frozen them as they do not hang around. I have used semolina in place of ground almond and chopped dried Apricots with Chocolate for those with an adversity to nuts. I have made it with cocoa powder replacing some of the flour for chocoholics. I give credit to the wonderful Nigel Slater for the recipe, even though I never fully follow it. The fact that no matter how I play with it and what I add it has never failed demonstrates how good his recipes are.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  Sun glorious sun.

2.  A gift of some Raspberry canes.

3.  I put some Basil stems into a glass of water and they have rooted.

4.  Peppery radishes to add zing to my salad from a pot in the garden.

5.  Lots of sewing to do, love it.

I have decided to finish the current round of crochet on my Granny Blanket and then use the red to finish it off, it is getting too big and too heavy to handle. I had to stop and start last night as I was Glowing like the sunset. I hope to finish it tonight or by Friday night at the latest. I am going for some retail therapy with Fran on Saturday and we are going to Cardigan on Sunday and I would like it done and dusted before then.

I have potted up 2 of the little rooted Basil, I will be pinching them, out regularly so they make bushy plants ready to add summer taste to my winter meals.

You can just see a cropped pot of Parsley in the back, it will be split into 2 pots and will grow again, I have a pot of Thyme awaiting the same treatment, both came from the RTC section in the supermarket.

These poor little dwarf bean plants plus 1 in another pot were all that I got from about 20 seeds that I set, I have popped a few more in today and will keep my fingers crossed. Next year it will be climbing beans for sure, I have never had any issues with them.

I am off to walk Ben before getting some sewing time in and a visit to see Maggie later on.

                    TTFN                                                Pam


  1. If it were not so hot I would have been inspired to get sewing from my own all-too-abundant stash. But it is too hot for me - I don't do hot - so I'll just enjoy reading about your industriousness. Hope they sell well - they should! (I'm assuming that some of those hundred items are for the stall!)

    1. I love the heat as long as it is not humid. I hope to sell some of the things but some will be gifts and some will be gifted to charity.

  2. Blimey you have been busy, I must look out for that book & will add it to my Amazon wish list so I don't forget. Your meal looked fabulous, I really want a large yorkshire pud stuffed with something now.

    1. I have had the book for yonks, I decided to start working my way through my craft books and making random items from each. I bought them for a reason so it is time I used them. My dinner was delish.

  3. Your dinner looks deeelicious! I admire your productivity. I'm sure you'll make it to 100 items:)

    1. As long as I shrink my stash I will not angst over reaching the target. The crunch will come later when I start running out of some colours. I am fortunate that I have quite a lot of wadding and a big supply of scraps, ribbons, trims and buttons.

  4. Speaker as a knitter I think that bag is wonderful and I could see myself buying something like that. I love the colours of the quilt. My youngest three boys share a room and that is decorated in red, whit and blue. I'm sure your SIL will love it x

    1. The bag is deep enough for long knitting pins and will hold a good selection of colours for my crochet, you may have guessed that I love lots of colour.

  5. Hope I don't duplicate this comment , the internet is playing up.

    I love filled yorkshires haven't had one in ages, cheap and tasty, they always go down well in my house. I have been cutting up squares today,will take me a while, not really sure about quilting, I watched Frugal Queens tutorial , it was very helpful. I got a lovely dress from next today but it was a long one so my next project is to make it shorter, really getting into this sewing now.

    1. Good to hear that you are enjoying it, time is too precious to waste on things that you do not like. What ever you take off the dress you can make something else or just add it to your stash for a future project.

  6. That is a real challange you have set yourself, when I stopped for a cuppa today I flicked through a magazine that i had picked up last week and not got round to looking in it, it is called 101 stashbuster ideas at the time i was thinking I could do with making a load of the things in there to reduce my stash, and then there was your post.

    1. I will have a look for the magazine, I hope that I do not run out of ideas halfway through.


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