Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day

I got home quite late last night, Ben had a walk and I made tea and sat down with a surprise. When I opened the door there was the usual junk mail and a little parcel. 

I opened it to find this little lot.

This is after I pressed it, obviously the lovely Hilary from Isabeau Inspirations had been to visit on her way home from work. I love scraps and these ones are destined for a quilt for Faith, I made her one last year and now she is in a big bed she will need a big quilt. The last time I was in Isabeau's I picked up 2 charm packs that Hilary cuts herself, and they have most of these prints in them.

This morning we were on our way quite early as there were jobs to do and a barbecue was on the cards.

Making plans!

Oh Oh, We've been rumbled, just grin and look innocent.

Just Chilling.

Kaitlyn is giving a lecture, Junior is bored and Faith is too busy eating to listen. Cerys is there as a mediator I think.

The children's Grandfather, Dai, had the little chairs made for Christmas last year. I am not sure why Faith has moved away but her and Junior look to still be planning.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  A busy but lovely day.

2.  3 happy cousins, enjoying playing and being together.

3.  Another great last minute event, it was decided on at 9.45 last night.

4.  The afternoon /evening went so fast and finished with the trio dancing for our entertainment.

5.  Ben has been hugged, cuddled and loved to his hearts content and is now out cold.

The little ones love Ben, possibly because he too is a little one, he has played catch, football and cops and robbers today and he only had half a sausage that Kaitlyn gave him.

We are staying over to get a bit more done tomorrow and squeeze in another trip to Tresaith. 
On that note it is most certainly time for bed, or I will have to find matchsticks to prop my eyes open. 

     TTFN                                                               Pam


  1. What a lovely surprise to have, I need to get my creative brain in gear this week have got new workshop timetable to put together and samples to make.
    Looks like you have had a great week end with your visitors.

    1. It has been lovely to be in the new house but I am glad to be home again.

  2. Happy times xx All the children are gorgeous xx all blond and curly with cheeky grins xx

    1. They are all happy little people on the whole, Kaitlyn was quite dark haired when born but had started to go blonde at 6 months. They are very cheeky and when together are a force to behold.


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