Tuesday 1 July 2014

Lazy Hazy Day of Summer

I have had another glorious day in my valley, Ben has been walked and had playtime with other dogs. I managed to get to Ammanford and back with my monthly shop within an hour. I had a very tasty and frugal lunch and then helped to plant a herb garden.
I did not want breakfast so decided to have a much more substantial lunch than normal. I put some AF pasta on to cook, in the 10 minutes that it took I diced and sweated celery, green pepper, a small white onion, the peeled stem of a head of calabrese and 3 cloves of garlic. Into that I put some spicy tomato sauce ( made last week and frozen) a good handful of sweetcorn kernels and a shake of frozen peas. The protein element was a tin of Mackerel fillets in tomato sauce, these are very cheap in Home Bargains so I stocked up.

I am not going to try to price it up but for around £1 I had lunch today and will have the rest cold tomorrow. 

The upshot of my huge lunch was that a bowl of salad was all I needed or wanted for dinner.

I have a few more photo,s from Cardigan to share with you.

The conservatory from the other end, there is one of Godfrey's helicopters on the table.

There are several of these around but this is the largest.

As you can see there is still work going on at the Castle but it is looking very good, the tide was well out but there is still enough water to provide a reflection.

This is a riverside walk that gives a wonderful view of the town across the River Teifi, I have not walked the complete footpath yet, perhaps next time. 

I like the contrast of the Church and the ancient wall and tower with the modern building and its glass fronted addition.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  Did I mention the glorious weather.

2.  Ben,s skin is in tip top condition.

3.  I am slowly getting the house to rights.

4.  My neighbours are hopeful that they have a firm buyer for their house.

5.  My big shop is done and dusted for 4 weeks.

I know that I have had 6 weeks to get the house sorted but when the sun shines I want to do anything rather than sort out boxes. I have kept on top of the normal chores and I will endeavor to sort Francesca,s room out by the weekend. 

I am slowly getting to know the new machine, as I have a stack of quilt tops to layer that is no bad thing. I want to make some new place mats and I have a dress pattern to get made. 
I have finished sewing granny squares together now I have the ends to weave in and make my mind up as to a border.

I have stacked on a bit of weight over the past few weeks, even with all the walking, so I need to get that sorted, I think that I will find the nearest pool and start swimming 2 or 3 times a week. I do walk but nowhere near as fast or as far as I would like so I hope that swimming will be easier to cope with.

Fran will be home in 3 weeks I hope that James and Cerys will be able to come over on the Sunday.

I am feeling weary and have a busy day planned for tomorrow.

           TTFN                                       Pam


  1. Lunch sounds exactly the sort of meal we have when I scratch something together - and it then turns out wonderfully like a meal you would enjoy at a restaurant! You are obviously very content in your new home, Pam, don't worry too much about the weight, it will even itself out! Lxx

  2. I am not worrying about the weight, far too busy, it will go eventually. I seem to go up and down by a half stone all the time, when it goes I will then try to lose a bit more so that my top weight becomes the ideal.


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