Thursday 3 July 2014

Lady in Waiting

Well the lady bit may be stretching it a little but I did spend most of yesterday waiting.
I took someone to the doctors to get a suspected sprained Achilles Tendon checked out, and we waited and we waited.

Then we went to Swansea hospital to get a "probable" fracture xrayed, and we waited and we waited.

2 hours of waiting before going through to Xray Dept. Ben and I took a leisurely stroll and found a shady footpath, I did not have my camera with me unfortunately.

We ambled back to the car and sat on the grass, in the shade of some conveniently planted trees, Ben had a long drink of water (I always carry fresh water when Ben is with me) and I read a book.

We Waited some more.

The patient kept me informed via text and was now, almost 3 hours later waiting for the results.

We waited a little more.

Then just as all hope was about to leave the area we got another text.

We were now waiting for a boot to be fitted..........

More waiting.

The Eureka moment was not too much longer and out hobbled the (im)patient.

We left Swansea gratefully, gleefully and gladly.

During this time I was also in touch, via text, with James and Cerys regarding their potential move. Finally after more waiting I got the good news that they have their new house. PHEW.

Now for today,

I am doing a return trip to the hospital, they obviously want to check out their handiwork, I strongly suspect more waiting is in my near future.

Please do not take this as a complaint or criticism of our health service, I am only too pleased that we have it and that it is free.
I just find it nigh on impossible to sit still for more than 15 minutes. I did take some lace knitting with me but it was baking hot and the wool stuck to my fingers. Luckily I had a "chicklit" book in the car and read that after walking with Ben. 
Today I have some EPP in the car and some crochet. I am going to look at the swimming pool in Ponty on the way back, I have dug out my swimsuits and goggles. I will not swim in my specs so I have prescription lenses in goggles, they mean that not only can I see where I am going but my eyes get a modicum of protection from the chlorine.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  The ability to help someone in need.

2.  Having Tom Tom in the car, a real boon.

3.  Loads of exercise with Ben.

4.  Enforced sitting still, resting after my walk left me feeling pretty good.

5.  The biggest shock ever, the coffee in the vending machine actually tasted like coffee.

The A&E Dept was heaving, people of all ages from a toddler in a pushchair to a very elderly man in a wheelchair. The staff were busy but still able to exchange soothing words with the impatient and restless queue. One of the vending machines was not working correctly and a member of staff operated it manually  long enough for everyone to get what they wanted from it.

On the whole it was a positive experience and compared with The QE in Lynn it came up trumps. The area is spacious and cool, there are several vending machines offering hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, fruit and the usual crisps and chocolate. and the prices are not exorbitant. 

I am taking my camera today, if I am hanging around I will take some photos.
 Oh I nearly forgot, I picked up a bag of perfect pine cones,  these will feature in my Seasonal Decorations later in the year. I refuse to use the C word in June.

I managed to weave in some of the ends on my Granny Blanket last night but it was so hot and sticky that I had to put it down, it should be cooler today so hopefully I can finish it later.

      TTFN                                                  Pam 

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