Monday 21 July 2014

Monday and the house seems empty.

Fran has gone back to Beckenham and the house is so quiet without her, even Ben has hidden himself away in disgust. It will n ot be long before she is back though, the last week in August she has a week booked off and wants to fit in a weekend before then.
We had a good time while she was here, we went to Crosshands on Saturday to the fabric and haberdashery shop, Isabeau Inspirations to have a look for fabric. Fran wants me to make her some skirts, she found 2 patterns that she likes.

The "blue" is really Teal and a gorgeous colour, the little owls are as cute as can be.
Hayley, who owns the shop is very nice and lives a few yards away from me on the other side of the road.

On Sunday we went to Swansea and went into Hobbycraft, I have to say that I was not over impressed by the fabric area, very small and over priced. However Fran found some fabric for another skirt.

No pressure but she would like to wear this next Saturday.

I found some mixed buttons for £5, my button tin was getting very low.

We went to Dunelm Mills and I found this basket, I will be replacing the lining, for £6, I love it. I was going to buy one next time I was in Cardigan but they start at £30 there, I like £6 much better.

Here is the fourth 18" cushion for James and Cerys, I think that brings my total of stash makes up to 12 but will check later. I have some 12" to make and 2 bigger ones then I will be full on with skirts I think. Before that I will have to have a mega sort out in the sewing/dining room, there is not a suare inch of surface without fabric, pins, clips, scissors or something on it. Things were so bad at one point that there was no room for my tea. disaster. I had to have a 2 minute blitz.

Now that is out of the way I have new followers to welcome, Mornings Minion, Chickpea, Susan Davies, Oh Pioneer,Donna Perry,Gwen Cauldwell and Lynne Lewis, then there those of you on Bloglovin that I do not know how to find. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful. I rather think that I will be looking at some new blogs a bit later on.
I better cut the grass first or I will not be able to get to the washing whirlygig.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  More lovely sunshine.

2.  Baby toms on my plants.

3.  Radishes going to seed for the peppery pods.

4.  Lots of pretty fabric for sewing.

5.  I was able to go to Tesco and drop a load of long life milk into the food bank collection point.

The baby toms are really tiny, but they will grow. I love radish seed pods in a salad, they burst in your mouth and explode with flavour. I will not be counting Fran's skirts in my challenge as they have not come from my stash. I will be adding all the scraps to it though.
I was told that there is always a shortage of milk at the food banks and indeed there were several boxes of cereals but only 1 pint of milk on Saturday. I do not shop that often but will try to drop a 6 pack off every time.

It is now well gone 5 and still too hot to cut grass, I may have some dinner first, Ben needs a decent walk and it will have to wait till it cools down.

Tea time now.

     TTFN                                                           Pam


  1. I love wicker baskets, I have a few I've collected over the years. I can always find room for more though lol

    1. I like them when lined, I wanted this to hold the current WIP, I seem to be forever searching for something vital that has hidden itself under a scrap or a ruler.

  2. beautiful fabrics and lovely buttons.i love your basket.....
    You have a wonderful blog,

    1. I have a thing for buttons, all colours and sizes, they make an instant impact on what ever they are attached to.

  3. Look forward to seeing the skirts made.
    Lovely basket & the cushions are all lovely too.

    1. I am off this morning to look at overlockers, then I will be making a start on cutting out. I do like cushions, for a couple of hours stitching you can really brighten a room. I will be making curtains for the new home but wanted to give a lift to the cream sofa.

  4. Fabulous choice of fabrics. I look forward to seeing them again in all their skirty glory. xx

  5. Fran is hoping to wear one on Saturday, it may happen thanks to first class delivery but I will not advise her to hold her breath.

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