Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The wanderer has returned, number 15 is ticked off.

It has been a lovely few days away albeit very busy, I have hung curtains, shopped, cooked, washed up. worked through a mountain of laundry and got most of it ironed. We did not get to the beach a second time, the weather just was not good enough. I has however been kind for the Cardigan Show today.

We got back late yesterday afternoon, I had to pick up some new meds for Ben. Most of the outstanding jobs were completed before we left. James made a few trips to the recycling center, cleared the shed, moved the trampoline and emptied the loft in the old house. lots of outgrown toys and clothes were sorted and bagged for the charity shops.
Because I took over the "domestic" work James could get on with the rest, Cerys was back at work, she is working hard and for long hours.
 The children were very good and I do admit to seeing rather too much of Peppa Pig, yesterday late morning Kaitlyn wanted a hug while watching and we both had 40 winks, it was most refreshing.

I have used some of the gifted scraps with others from the stash to complete number 15.

By the time I had finished the light had moved away from my window so I went out onto the lawn/meadow to take a photo. Cerys and James loved the ones I made for them, junior pounced on the Aqua, orange and grey and claimed it for his own.
 I will run up a second set of covers for when they need a trip through the washing machine.

I had a lift into Neath this morning and took the chance of picking up some more compost. I had a quick look at the canal. It is full of weeds but there was a dredger further down.

Above this sign were some of the biggest blackberries that I have seen, just out of reach, I am thinking of going back with a shepherds crook to pull them into reach.

And now , duly cream crackered , I am off to take Ben out and go to bed before I fall asleep where I sit. All my laundry is done, my housework is done, I have filled several pots and troughs with young plants and seeds. I did a slug hunt by torchlight last night and found 5. 
I am off to Crosshands tomorrow to see Hilary, I need a Hera marker, goodness knows where I have put mine.

          TTFN                                                     Pam

Update, I took Ben out, came back and made the fatal mistake of sitting on the sofa. About 2 hours later I woke up with a crick in my neck and back ache, my glasses twisted round my face and Ben snoring gently in my ear. Never mind, I woke early and have a stack of 5" strips cut and paired ready for number 16. Pam

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