Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Another Spendy Day

I have been pulling fabric from all over the house over the past few weeks and my storage shelves were fast going into overload.Last Saturday, while Fran and I were looking round Crosshands we found a junk shop full of furniture. Today I went back and found a cabinet, it may get a facelift at some point but for now I need it in action.  

I have transferred the fabric from the shelves on one side of the fireplace, as you can see I am low on reds on the bottom left and blacks and greys on the top left and browns next to them.
The base is full interfacing and some cushion pads. I will be moving larger bolts of fabric onto the white shelves. Thtop will be home to tins and boxes of various items, buttons, ribbons and so on.

My tomatoes are growing albeit slowly, I will make a much earlier start next year.

I found that zips are an awful price in all the shops I have visited, the other day I ordered some online and they arrived today. A 9" zip cost me 52p so I have a few in stock now I also bought a 22" for a large cushion and 2 transparent ones. I more than saved the postage and will be using the company again.

I have not touched my new toy, I will but there is a list of jobs that need doing before I play.

It is very hot here with very little air movement so I am pacing myself. I will be going to Cardigan at the weekend with curtains and cushions for the new house. By that point it should be mostly sorted, James was grumbling about Modem Leads this morning, luckily I know nothing of such things.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  More sun, I know some  people are suffering but wait till November, they will all be saying how they wish it was hot like July.

2.  I have salad for dinner, and lots of it.

3.  I did a stock take today and should not need to shop for a while.

4.  I watched a tutorial from the Missouri Quilt Company today, a fabulous bag that I want to try.

5.  I have my pattern sorted for Fran's skirt and will cut it out later.

I do like the heat but have to be careful as I burn very quickly, I slap on the factor 50 and wear a sun hat, thick white cotton to reflect the rays a bit. I do see people out with lots of uncovered flesh and you can see them turning from pink to fuschia and red. with all the publicity I can not understand why anyone would take the chance. Skin cancer kills, and if it does not kill it disfigures.

I will be out for a longer walk with Ben later, he does not need to be out in the heat for long either, dogs get sun burnt as well.

I still have bolts of fabric to refold and get on the shelves, I am going to try very hard not to build up stock like this again once I have run it down with my challenge. I have just realised that the Seasonal fabrics are untouched as yet, they may have to stay where they are till October.

I forgot to say my cupboard was £20, a real bargain, solid wood and heavy glass doors

              TTFN                                          Pam


  1. What a great cabinet, I really like the shape of the door.

    1. The base cupboard is cavernous, it has a load of interfacing and 4 X 18" cushion pads and 4 X 12" and it is not really full.

  2. I totally love the cabinet! What a bargain

    1. I was so excited to find it, the veneer needs sticking back in one little spot and there is a slight scratch but then I am a bit battered round the edges and it is older than me.

  3. Your cabinet is a real beauty, at a wonderful price ( i'm not sure how pounds convert to dollars) and the condition looks excellent!

    1. I think that there are about 1.68 dollars to the pound, it is in very good condition for it,s age and was a true bargain. It is now full.

  4. I adore you cabinet and I love the rainbow of colours of your fabric stash! I could do with something similar for my wool hoards !

  5. I have to work out something for my wool as well, I was thinking of a 1930's china cabinet or similar.


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