Friday 4 July 2014

Sewing in The Rain, take 2

I am remiss in not offering a welcome to some new followers. Gill,Elaine, Penny Wise, Tree Lover and Hazzy,  consider yourselves at home, consider yourselves part of the family, I love that song from Oliver so please excuse the frivolity. All those who follow via Bloglovin are welcome equally, I just do not know how to get in and find you. All those who read but do not follow are also most welcome, some of you who leave comments lead me on a journey, if you blog I pop over and have a read, I have found interesting blogs to follow that way. I also do it on blogs that I follow, one click and a couple of hours can evaporate.

It has been another mizzley, drizzley day but it is warm, the garden will be lapping it up and I have been shopping and sewing.

I went to Cross Hands to visit a shop called Isabeau, they sell fabric, wool, embroidery silks and wools and all the notions and haberdashery you could want. 
I found my zips and some waistband elastic and knew there was one more item but it had slipped my mind. Of course the minute that I walked through the door I remembered that I need hooks and eyes, hey ho I will look in Ammanford tomorrow.

If I keep up this dressmaking lark I will need to go hunting for a few things, including an overlocker. My machine does a fair job of finishing edges but an overlocker is both faster and more professional.

I made my garlic mushrooms and had them with corn on the cob and new potatoes, there were so many that I did not need any more veg.

They were very garlicky and the sauce was thick and creamy but low fat.

The second skirt, finished but for the zip and waistband.

A close up of the fabric, these colours are quite subdued on here, they are brighter in the flesh and will be teamed with a bright solid colour top.

I had picked out a darker print and pinned the pattern out, then got cold feet. I do not happily choose darker colours, I bought this to make lounge pants ages ago and it has been sitting there glaring at me. I may make it up for Francesca, she does like darker colours.

I still like the pattern but no longer think that it is for me.

This is a mid lilac and although I like it I think that it is too quiet. It will go into the quilting cupboard.

This Texas State Flower print is more like it but I do not know if I have enough for the pattern. I will press it later and see, it is time that I made something with it.

I can not decide what to have for dinner, I am not really very hungry but do not want to be starving at 8:00 and stuffing myself that late in the evening, perhaps a big veggy stirfry, I do not fancy meat or fish. I do have plenty of cheese and eggs but don't really want them either.
 Considering the fact that so many people are relying on food banks and eat what they can when they can, I feel slightly ashamed. Wales is relying on food banks much more now than they have in the past, Tesco is doing a collection over the weekend so I will be going in tomorrow to do my bit.
 It is  all to easy to whinge over what to eat when the cupboards, fridge and freezer is full and I strongly suspect that I am not alone. I do a rough meal plan but it is not set in stone, Friday just says "fridge bottom" it is my use it up day.
I have known the time when the only meat we had was game or rabbit. We raised chickens but they were for sale we also raised rabbits and sold most of them, just saving enough to eat when game was out of season.

Reasons to be grateful.

1.  Not having to worry about where the next meal is coming from.

2.  Being able to help feed those who can not do it themselves.

3.  My new machine is making light work of my sewing.

4.  I do not have to water my pots today.

5.  I have a new Simon Kernick paperback to read.

I have decided it will be a veg stir fry with some of my plum and chili jelly to pep it up and the ends of salad on the side. A pot of tea to wash it down and a peach if I have room.

On that sweet note I am off to the kitchen to slice and dice.

                  TTFN                                           Pam


  1. Oh beautiful fabrics there, I have just found a piece of lilac check in oxfam for £1.99 and it has enough to make two aprons, all I have done with my new machine is take up jeans, I have two more pairs to do and then I will have a go at creating so will try making some simple aprons , I have got four beginners sewing books on amazon, so wish me luck, I love seeing things people make, so a new little hobby for me. x

  2. have fun with your sewing, I like aprons and have them from very plain and serviceable to frilly and flouncy and quite impractical.


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