Wednesday 8 March 2017

A nothing sort of day

Got up to fine drizzle that only got heavier as the morning went on but did manage to get Ben walked before it worsened.

He had a treat as I went up one of the lanes to drop off some books and herb plants, we haven't walked up there for ages and he thoroughly enjoyed sniffing his way along.

I did some washing in the hope that the weather would clear, instead it ended up in the dryer. The hand washing is waiting till tomorrow, if it is still rainy it may go into the greenhouse to dry.

No real housework tasks, just the normal washing up, bathroom and kitchen whizz round and pootle about moving things from here to there (and back again in some cases)

I have turned the heel and worked the gusset decreases on the first Unicorn sock. It will not be for me, I loved the yarn in the skein, and loved it nearly as much after winding into 2 balls. Once I had knitted the ribbed cuff though I had fallen out of love and almost out of like.

It is pretty, there are some lovely colours in it B U T it is not for me. It is far too subdued, I think that there is just too much blue for my taste. I am sure that someone will like it, at the moment it may well end up in Francesca,s birthday bag.

Once the pair is done I will post a picture.

After an early lunch I had to take a trip to Neath, the dentist yuk, I had a quick look round but nothing caught my eye. After an uneventful drive home it is tea o'clock and then it will be time to feed Ben.
 I should have posted Francesca,s new socks off but forgot to take them, a job for the morning.

You know what comes next.......

            TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. Enjoyed reading your post.
    I have had an easy day at home.
    Stilll mending a bit after almost four weeks of sinus sickness.

    1. My sympathy,I suffer with sinus problems and it can be very painful, I hope you are on the way to a full recovery. xx

  2. Its nice to have an unplanned nothing day occasionally

    Julie xxxxx

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, I made up forit today and feel all the for it,

  3. I can picture Ben sniffing his way along. That's what makes walking Eli so slow. He walks with his nose to the ground...sniffing along and at times smells the same spot forever! I have to tug at his leash to get him to move along. :) I'm the same about too much blue...I am just not a color blue person.

    1. I can hurry Ben along for a few steps but then he digs his heels in and starts grunting and grumbling.


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