Monday 20 March 2017

Scotland marries Morocco

Only in the culinary sense.
I may have said before that when I cook I tend to go all "Deliarish"and have all my ingredients weighed, measured and prepped ready to use.
Today being wet, grey and yeuk I decided to batch cook and use the slow cooker to the 'nth degree.

I had a half shoulder of welsh lamb that I have been hoarding for a "special occasion", well today is designated as special.
 (I did in fact haul it out of the freezer last night to make room for a batch of chilli that I cooked yesterday.)
To get the most out of it and use every scrap it was boned and trimmed. The lean meat was cubed and divided into 2 portions,1 became a melt in the mouth minted masala for dinner last night.
The bone and trimmings have been roasted for about 30 minutes this morning in the combi oven, they are for some Scotch Broth and Ben's dinner. ( the fat helps his dry skin, and he loves it.)
The remaining lean meat is for a Moroccan style Tagine, with apricots and almonds.
So I set to and collated all the necessary, chopped, sliced and diced to my hearts content and filled my dishes. I weighed and measured out spices, herbs and pearl barley.
Scotch Broth was up first just because it will need to be cooled and chilled to make it easier to remove the excess fat, I like it for the added flavour but don't want to eat it.
The slow cooker was put on to heat while I browned off the onions, I would have used leeks but they are in the ground and it was pouring, carrots, swede and celery. once browned I added the spice mix, poured on some stock and brought it to the boil. meanwhile the roasted bone and scraps went into the slow cooker. As I carefully poured the veg and stock over the bone I realised that the fragrant blend was Moroccan and redolent of Ras El Hanout, cinnamon,coriander and paprika. 
Too Late Ethel.
I added the pearl barley, put the lid on and left it to cook. It will be done by 1:00 and I will start the Tagine off with a fresh spice blend.
I will let you know how the Moroccish Broth turns out but rest assured that it will be eaten, no food waste here.

On the knitting front my new sweater back is done and the front is up to the armhole decreases. I have printed off some more patterns ready to knit from stash, and this time "I mean that most sincerely folks".
Francesca will be here for a long weekend and will be picking her yarn from stash for either a sweater or a big shawl, and probably another pair of socks. I might need to grow another pair of arms.

And now it must be tea o'clock as I am spitting feathers.

                  TTFN                                          Pam


  1. I think some of the nicest meals are the results of accidents Pam.
    I bet your broth will be delicious-x-

    1. It was, very fragrant and just as tasty.

  2. I love that Moroccish! I'm sure it tasted fab

  3. I hope that your Moroccan Scotch Broth will be a success! I did a stupid thing here on Sunday when baking and having burned the bottom of the lemon curd I was making - put it through the sieve - STRAIGHT INTO THE SINK!!!! What WAS I thinking of? I managed to stop my hand at about the amount I needed for the baking! Walks away shaking head . . .

    You are really knitting up a storm and I look forward to seeing your next ventures on pins.

    1. I have done some loopy things myself, I once strained cooked fruit to make jelly for Fran as she hates seeds in her jam, I tipped the juice out and carefully scraped the pips and pulp into the maslin pan.


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