Friday 31 March 2017

A Monkey's Uncle.

March has been a busy and happy month, I gained new friends, learnt new skills and knitted up a storm. 
I am most of the way through a "right good turn out" of all the hidey holes in the house and best of all.........

My sewing mojo has come home.

Jess and Ivy came for a little visit yesterday afternoon and while we were chatting the words " I will make a wall hanging for Ivy,s bedroom" popped out of my mouth. 
Fast forward a few hours and I found myself, with a small teetering pile of fabrics, sitting at the sewing machine and sewing a few scraps together to test the stitches. It has been a few months since she was switched on, luckily I always clean her and cover her up before putting her away so no issues there.

I have a few whispy ideas floating around, including a stretched canvas with ribbons and buttons and a wall hanging of possibly a garden scene. Then there are pom poms to be considered, not to mention dogs, cats and elephants.

Next Thursday I have planned to collect Jess and Ivy and go off to Neath for the morning. A visit to The Works for a few crafty bits, a look round the town and market and home when we have had enough, or Ivy decides for us.

Jess is hoping to knit herself a sweater, I printed off a pattern and hopefully we will manage an hour or so of knitting here and there. It is very difficult to carry through made plans when a small person is involved, so all of this will happen as and when Ivy is agreeable. I do have a few knitted and crocheted bits and bobs that she found agreeable to play with, and I may just have enough stash yarn to make a few more.

Anyhow, on to the monthly round up.

In March I again bought in more yarn than I knitted, but again all of it is earmarked for projects. Indeed it is all in project bags with pattern and needles ready to grab and go.

I bought 2900 grams and have knitted up 1800 grams, I have cheated a bit by including the new gorgeous handspun in my knitted total.
 I am more than halfway through the scarf and will finish it today if my fingers don't fall off. I have not touched any other knitting since I cast it on, it is so lovely to knit with and is flying along.

April will begin with a massive yarn addition number as I am going to knit a Flax sweater in Aran weight. I am subscribed to Simply in Stitches pod cast and she is doing a tutorial knit along using the free pattern from Tin Can Knits, I have plans for a 4 ply version for myself one of these days.

Then there is the Hotel of Bees Shawl crochet along planned for the middle of April by Sandra of Cherry Heart and Sam of  Betsy Makes, not to mention the Bee Along from Jooles of Sew Sweet Violet.

Sleeping and eating may have to take a break, although the shawl can be "double dipped" into the Bee along, but I do have some honeycomb fabric and some with bees on and you can never have enough project bags......

Oh Yes, the sewing mojo back with a vengeance, but it has to wait until tomorrow as that scarf is off the needles tonight, or I'm a monkeys uncle!

I did drag out my bag of odds and ends of acrylic yarn yesterday and make a few pompoms, some were very big and are for Rufus who has a bit of a thing for them. I couldn't find my very biggest maker so he has to settle for second size down, which are still substantial.

Now I feel the need for more tea and perhaps a slice of toast smothered in Passion Fruit Curd. 
I nearly forgot to tell you that a box of goodies from Francesca arrived yesterday, it had 2 jars of the wonderful curd and lots more besides.
I will take pics and post tomorrow, right now I have a severe case of "rumblies in the tumblies" as Pooh would put it. Ooh and I have to tell you about the cake that Jess brought with her, still warm from the oven. I may have to ask about adoption.

                     TTFN                                       Pam


  1. I wondered what had happened to your sewing mojo with all the knitting going on, it sounds like it's come right back hearing about your plans. I had a look at the homespun yarn in your last post, what a gorgeous colour, and that silk content will make it beautifully soft and luxurious.

    1. It is back with a vengeance, I had a marathon quilting session yesterday and scratched that itch nicely.

  2. Wow, you certainly have been busy and it looks like you'll be staying that way! What fun!

    1. I am far happier when busy, and it will be fun.

  3. So you have been knitting and now have your sewing mojo back.
    I have been sewing knitting mojo appearing whatsoever.
    Awww well....I'd only get in a mess

    1. I have to own up to dragging my crochet mojo out of retirement as well. I see a corner to corner blanket there somewhere.

  4. Imagine if you could knit with your feet as you sewed with your hands!!

    1. I wish. What a wonderful thought. Enjoy your Easter break.


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