Friday 10 March 2017

Which way is up

A soggy start to the day, mist obscuring the mountain and signs of recent rain everywhere. Thankfully it had cleared to pale sunshine for Ben,s walk. It is not so bright now but still dry and quite warm.

I was scooting round this morning, with the intention of going out to a crafting meeting, and had to slow down and then stop. A couple of dizzy turns put me in my place, for a moment I didn't know whether I was on my head or my heels.

I am fine, I just have to remember that I am no longer a teenager and act my age. I had run up and down the stairs a few times and was very warm.

The bed is changed,linen dried, folded and put away. Sitting room vacuumed and ironing done. The kitchen has had it's usual treatment as has the bathroom, and therein lies a tale, and a question.

I clean each room in roughly the same order, the bathroom has my "trip hazard". Every day I clean the sink, the bath and the loo, then I give the floor a once over with a spray mop. Once a week I scrub down the tiles, wash all the paintwork and scrub the floor.
 Every Day I Forget One Thing.
It stares me in the face, quite literally.
I have a small, mirrored cabinet and every day I forget to wipe the top. I clean the glass, wipe any finger prints off the sides and check that all is tidy inside. 

Why oh why do I not do the top? I was out of the door and about to go and make the bed when I did a double take and went back. It was not pleasant, a good layer of grime. My bathroom is at the front of the house and the window is almost always open, so of course road dust blows in constantly, hence the daily routine. I really must get my head round this, after almost 3 years it is about time.

Here is a photo of the Unicorn sock, not on the blocker as Francesca,s feet are small and it will not fit without over stretching.

 There will be enough yarn to knit her another pair with either a plain foot or contrast cuff, heel and toes.
Both will go in her birthday gift collection.

I will probably cast the second sock on later and then swap between it and the boot socks. The first pair is in a creamy beige with some neps for a tweedy effect and is very woolly and is a bit itchy.

Dinner last night was very good and I did eat too much, I roasted the veg with a good slug or three of fig balsamic and then stirred some more in when I mixed veg and cous cous together.

I did cook far too much cous cous, and as I made enough of the veg mix to have left overs I was a bit stuck over how to use it. I don't think that it would freeze very well and I had no intention of wasting it.

I let it cool down and gave it a good fluff up with a fork. Then I stirred in some fruit juice and a little caster sugar to sweeten. I had some pineapple rings and peach slices in the fridge so chopped those up small and added to the mix, not bad but a little boring.
A quick peek in my "muesli stuff"  basket and I added dried cranberries, sultanas and flaked almonds, Oh My Word. Nectar is the only word. I will be making that again.

So lunch and pudding is sorted for 2 days.

Dinner tonight is something in a Yorkshire pudding, I haven't made one for ages and it is an easy meal.

On that note I am off to fill a dish with cous cous and veg and enjoy my lunch.

                        TTFN                                                 Pam


  1. Take care of yourself, no more dizzy spells okay> The sock looks lovely and will be a wonderful gift.

    1. I slowed down to a complete stop, had a restful day and was fine. Thankyou


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