Wednesday 15 March 2017

Blooming Sofa or BOGOF

It has been a glorious day here, early mist cleared leaving blue sky and bright bright sun shine. 
Both of the compost bins have been emptied and moved to the cleared patch behind the greenhouse. All the detritus that someone dumped carefully placed just in case it came in useful has been relocated. Most of it is bagged up in the back of the car ready for a trip to the recycling centre. The compost has been mixed and fluffed up and one bin is now full, the other is ready to start filling.

I have weeded and grubbed around to my hearts content, a few pots have been emptied and the plants are now in the garden. The bean patch has had a liberal dressing of well rotted compost, from the bottom of the bins, and is ready for French and Runner beans. We like both so grow them  on either side of the row. I do grow Borlotti but the dwarf variety.

The first sowing of spinach has gone in along with some cut and come again lettuce. I have Webbs Wonderful seeds just showing through the compost indoors, and tomato plants that will need pricking out soon.

A line of socks twirled around and were dry in no time along with a couple of sweaters, I hand wash all my knitted garments.

Dinner is in the oven, leeks and sprouting broccoli in a cheese sauce with a good handful of breadcrumbs  and grated cheese on the top and potatoes in their skins baking alongside them. To help make up for last nights piggy dinner I have shredded cabbage as well.

Pudding will be the sweet cous cous and fruit, if we have room for it.
On the other hand I have made a coffee and walnut cake, so a slice of that may be the choice we make.

Ben had a bath this afternoon, he was so annoyed at being brought indoors that he howled like a banshee. The first time that he has hated a bath, he usually enjoys it and I have to lift him out while he wriggles to stay in.

My Hyacinths are opening and have proved to be a real bargain. Each bulb has put up 2 flower spikes and the scent is wonderful

I had to put them on the sofa to get a photo as the sun was blinding everywhere else.

On that note I am off to serve dinner, a day in the garden has given me an appetite.

                    TTFN                                          Pam


  1. My bulbs have given me loads of leaves but no flowers.

    1. I have some like that in the garden, when the leaves go over I am going to lift, divide and replant with some gravel underneath to improve drainage.

  2. It's been proper sunshine all day here too Pam and the solar lights in the garden sucked it all up. They are now twinkling away in the dark-x-

    1. There is nothing to beat a sunny day to lift the spirit.

  3. I find pricking out very relaxing, love the fragrance of Hyacinth's.

    1. I don't mind a few but once they start to pump out the fragrance I will move one pot into the sewing room.

  4. Coffee and walnut cake is my absolute favourite. Have a large slice for me.


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