Saturday 4 March 2017

Sock it to me.

I finished the orange heeled socks, they are brothers not twins, the heels are padded for wearing with boots. Not to my taste but then they are not for me. Another pair has been ordered but have to take their place on the list.

I cast on another for Francesca in this Heart & Sole from Sirdar, these will be twins with afterthought heels in a solid pink.

I am not sure where my mind has been for the last few days, I lost track of what day it was mid week and it has been downhill all the way. 
This morning I finally caught up and know that it is Saturday. I blame the weather, we have had a day of almost summer followed by winter, spring and then winter again. Most disconcerting.

One of my Rhubarb  plants has thrown in the towel and started to run to seed. Fingers crossed that no more follow suit.

I am having a short break from knitting, not by choice I hasten to add, my left elbow is painful and I want to rest it. Now that is back to front, when I knit I hold my in one position with the elbow bent. 

What I need to do for a day or so is to keep it moving, my first attempt will be "doing out" the kitchen cupboards. They are not in dire need but an extra tidy and wipe out never goes amiss. It has been on the radar for a few days, I have already changed things around to clear my work tops. Now I will take the time to fully organise them all.

Today is warmish and damp with the odd blast of cold wind coming of the Morriston mountain. I have a little hand washing but not enough to worry about, it can wait a while.

Last nights dinner was a fast fix, I had some sauce left from the squash and coconut curry so used that up. I just rough diced  onion, peppers, garlic and finely diced some fresh ginger, sweated it all in coconut oil added some butter beans and the left over sauce. It was lovely and very filling, I had to wait a good while before I could make my mint tea.

I have to dash now, a quick trip to have a small job done on the car.
The time has flown by this morning.

                         TTFN                                          Pam


  1. More awesome socks Pam. I should think you can just about knit them with your eyes shut now.
    Just waiting for Andy to shelve out my new pantry space and then I might get a bit more organised in my kitchen.
    Have a lovely weekend-x-

    1. I have to watch what I am doing at heels and toes. I have made the legs too long on a few pairs because I was watching something good on telly and knitted like a demon.

  2. Love those first pair of socks, that wool is amazing!
    We're doing the kitchen cupboards today as well - taking some down though as the fitted kitchen is a bit oppressive, and covering all of that wall space is no good for letting the walls breathe. Will is building a shelving unit right now and then hopefully we will be a bit more organised.

    1. I like open shelves, one glance and you can see everything. When I had them in my last home I had no clutter whatsoever. I have a spare ball if you would like it or I could knit it up for you.

  3. I do so love all your colourful socks, Pam. I've been doing a lot of easy knit things for charity since joining a craft club but I'm itching to try something a bit more challenging. Maybe I should make 2017 the year I finally master knitting on four needles. Hope your elbow feels better soon. I find my wrists are weaker as I get older and I have to take a rest from knitting every now and then.

    1. Yo.u are braver than me, I can not see myself knitting with dpns. Magic loop is so fast and no wrestling a hedgehog.

  4. Your socks are great and I'm going to look up the Magic loop, so thanks for the tip. My fingers and wrists get very painful (fibromyalgia) but I find that knitting helps if I do it in short bursts. Any more than an hour and I'm done!
    Hope your elbow is better soon.x


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