Monday 13 March 2017

Weekend Work.

It was a busy weekend and eventually Ben was just too tired to keep his eyes open a minute longer.

He does not like to be left out and walks up and down following us, we also had longer walks with him as the weather was good. All those steps with his little legs made for a weary Ben.

Time was spent in the garden, sorting out the rubbish  treasure trove that had somehow appeared behind the greenhouse. There is now a stack of broken pots and trays waiting to go to the recycling centre An even larger pile is waiting for me to get outside and wash it all.

We have been out there this morning, the compost bin has been emptied, not my job thankfully, and I have piled the lovely crumbly stuff onto the raised beds.

I am pleased to report that the kitchen cupboards have had all the surplus to requirements pots and pyrex etc removed, they will be off to the CS today.

Just the pantry and utility  to blitz and I don't think that there is too much in them to jettison.

I hope to make a skirt pattern this afternoon, just for a 6 gored elasticated waist with side seam pockets simple make. I have a velvet M&S skirt in that pattern that I almost live in, it is exactly the right length, fits like a dream (and has cake room). I want to copy it in cotton for the summer, I had a few that I made several years ago that were A line and zippered. At the end of last summer they were sent off to recycling as the fabric was on its last legs. I want to get the replacements made quickly so no zips.

The second Unicorn sock is at the gusset decrease stage, it will be finished by Tuesday and in the birthday bag along with the shawl.
I spotted the bag, a simple tote made of canvas, when I was in Neath last week, it is cream with a Unicorn on the side. I snapped it up for £1, Fran will use it for shopping no doubt. I think it was in B&M, that we call Burger and Mayo for some long forgotten reason.

Now coffee break is over and I want to spend another hour in the garden before lunch and Ben's afternoon walk.

                        TTFN                                     Pam.

I nearly forgot, dinner tonight will be a vegetable Jalfrezi with chickpeas for protein, I think it will be needed. I have a recipe for chocolate pecan pie to try, and there is a tub of Greek yogurt in the fridge will will go nicely. mmmmmm


  1. Sounds like a lovely outdoors weekend.
    I have a pattern for a skirt which is the only skirt shape that suits me and I love it. Might have to whip myself a couple more up for summer too.
    Ben looks very comfy there....bless him-x-

    1. He was very comfy, he makes sure to get the best place on the sofa.

  2. My word you have been very busy, I am feeling quite motivated today, must be the sunshine.

    1. We got lots done but I made sure to take my time. I did a bit more today and will get it all done in stages. I don't want a bad back, just a tidy garden.


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