Monday 27 March 2017

Highs and lows.

Fran arrived on Thursday afternoon and I have just returned from seeing her off home, I managed not to sniffle until she was on the train. It has been a lovely long weekend with her, even if we did eat far too much.

On Saturday we went to Le Petit Boulle in Neath for afternoon tea

She had arranged for flowers on the table, for me to take home, and a balloon.

This was booked by Fran some time ago and promoted by the company with fabulous photos of tables laden with eye candy goodies.
The reality was far from that. The cake stand arrived 15 minutes after we sat down, it held some sandwiches, made with white ready sliced bread, there were chunks of cucumber, wafer thin sliced ham and very thick cut smoked salmon. The sweeties were scones that had been cut in half across the top? wafer thin slices of Bara Brith and all of 3 Welsh Cakes, some considerable time later some slices of sponge cake appeared. When the cups and plates arrived they were thick white "transport cafe" style. The cream and jam came in assorted dishes and when the tea finally arrived it too was in a heavy white pot. BUT it was a breakfast pot and held exactly one and a half cups, I should say here that there were three of us.
Fran was very not amused and asked for more tea, cream and jam, minutes later 2 more pots of tea arrived, but it was a shambles.
The food was not good, the whole affair was mismanaged and a disappointment.
The owner will by now have had a missile in email form from Fran who is in the white cold stage of anger.

We put it behind us and had a very good dinner at home later.

On Sunday these arrived in the morning. beautiful flowers

with a little box of chocolates and a card with knitted bees.

Then in the afternoon a huge box turned up full of balloons.

I feel very spoilt, and in truth very happy for it.

Then of course we had Rufus for the weekend, and the manner of guests the world over he hogged my seat at every opportunity.

Ben was in full support and took the other corner.

My Fran's new sweater, that she wore all Sunday, and sweltered in, looked very good on her. But as she is shy here it is on the model.

Now for a serious topic, sometime ago I had a lengthy whinge about tights. I managed eventually to find a brand and size that were perfect. At the end of last summer I bought 2 boxes ready for this year. As it has been Summer Holiday weather for the past few days I dug them out. JUST LOOK!!!

This was after 5 minutes wearing them.
Needless to say the rest are now in the CS box and I have to start a new search. The Nora Batty look is not for me.
 And on that footnote (he he) I am off to get another load of washing hung out while the kettle boils for tea.

                 TTFN                                                         Pam

I just want to add that even though the afternoon tea was a shambles the best and most important part of my weekend was that not only was Fran here but she was here for virtually 4 days. Everything else, while mostly lovely, was by the by.


  1. Oh Pam how disappointing for you all that the afternoon tea wasn't up to scratch.
    Good on Francesca for letting them know.
    I've given up wearing tights. Either they are too long and I get the Nora effect too or too short and the crotch hangs somewhere around my knees which is most uncomfortable-x-

    1. I do go "au naturel" once the summer is here properly, but some dresses and skirts just demand tights. I suppose that there are always stockings but the thought of inadvertently flashing the laughter line is off putting.

  2. You were spoilt appropriately I might add. So sorry the tea was a disaster, but you had each other and that is what counts.

    1. It was the only important thing andthe weekend was lovely.

  3. I can imagine Fran's anger when she had arranged something special for you only for it to become a shambles. I can't see them being at the top of your/Fran's list for a return visit. Despite that, she did manage to make you feel special.

    Joan (Wales)

    1. There is no way that I would return there, once bitten and all that.
      My weekend was very special, and I have managed notto piggy all the chocolates, yet.

  4. So sorry that the afternoon tea was such a shambles. It should have been a delight. I serve better just for friends coming round - WAY better in fact. If I was catering for the public on a Mother's Day weekend I would really push the boat out.

    Sorry about the tights too. I gave up wearing them as they encouraged Thrush years ago - mind you I live in jeans anyway. I use knee highs on the rare occasion when I do have a skirt on.

    At least you had your gorgeous daughter there for several days, and really that is what matters! My eldest daughter is here with us all week with her partner, out picnicking at Llyn-y-Fan Fach as I write this.

    1. I am wearing my newest tights today and so far so good. It has been such a wonderful few days of sunshine and although we had a rather murky start the sun is shining through now.

  5. How awful Pam sorry it wasn't very good, this usually happens to me, luckily it was a first on Sunday I had a good meal.

    1. We did not let it spoil the weekend at all.

  6. Shame about your afternoon tea, I didn't want to go out as everywhere would be busy, so hubby made afternoon tea at home.

    1. Francesca booked on the Saturday for that very reason. We normally have it at home but I will be researching some other places ready for the summer.


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