Tuesday 14 March 2017

Even I was surprised.

No gardening today, after having a walk with Ben this morning, the sea mist slithered down the mountain and cold tendrils sent me scuttling indoors.

A cuppa was most welcome before I did the kitchen and bathroom clean, a load of towels into the wash and my jobs were done.

I changed a few cupboards around and managed to keep busy till lunch, just crackers and cheese as I planned to cook later.

Before going to knit and natter I dug into the stash and found some "in your face" bright Merry go Round dk, perfect for a winter warmer shawl. I cast on and got a few rows done before leaving.

It is bright and so very soft, it is meant to be for Francesca but I love it.

This cotton and silk blend is being discontinued so I snapped up 3 colours to make the shawl pattern for Francesca. It will still be colourful but not as loud and much more suitable for wearing to the office.

We had a full house and a new face, it is lovely to have the numbers growing. One of our group has started to dye yarn and her first attempts were very impressive, I am looking forward to seeing more.

Tina from Loobylou Yarns was there, this time she brought some of her homespun and dyed yarn, Oh My Word. I see some of that in my future, my very near future. I will be having a look at her website a bit later.

Chrissie, who works in the wool shop, has a rescue puppy called Luna. They came in for most of the session and Luna was greeted by everyone.  She is a "Bitsa" and absolutely adorable, surrounded by a group of women, all seemingly talking at once, she was very well behaved. Wisely she retreated under a chair out of the way.

I had planned on making a Jambalaya for dinner, but had a fit of bone idleness, after getting home and we  decided that Fish and Chips was the way to go. We jumped in the car and set off for Pontardawe and Charlo's.

During the journey we saw a car coming towards us with a Great Dane looming out of the sun roof. My first thought was "someone will have an accident while looking at that" my second was " that dog will suffer with its eyes from the wind." 
I almost went into a Victor Meldrew moment, I wasn't really shocked but very surprised that anyone could be so irresponsible. Goodness knows why as people do stupid things all the time.
Then to cap it all when I got into town Charlo's was shut. 
No Chips for Pam.

In hunger and the beginning of  desperation I drove to Tesco in the hope of getting a hot, roast chicken. Noooooo, not one.
But a member of staff brought out a whole stack of pastries reduced to pennies. dinner became an in car picnic and cost the grand total of 94p for 2. Not bad. Another surprise, this time pleasant.

It was not a really healthy option,very tasty though, so I decided that we may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb and bought a Belgian Chocolate dessert. We ate it at home with a dollop of Greek Yogurt to cut through the sweetness.

Tomorrow will make up for that, although there is still half of the chocolate pudding left, oh dear, how sad,never mind.

On that note I am off to do some more knitting.

                TTFN                                              Pam


  1. The Malabar colours you've chosen for Fran's scarf are just gorgeous. Bet your impromptu car picnic was delicious, all the more for costing so much less than the fish and chips!

    1. I may have to have another set of the Malabar for myself, the more I look at the colours the more I love them. The picnic was amazing, I was so shocked at the prices and ate too much.

  2. Loving the bright shawl Pam and that Malabar yarn looks so lush.
    I think if you can't treat yourself to something naughty now and again life just ain't worth living-x-

    1. The yarn is gorgeous, only 22% silk but feels like nearer 50%. I hope to get it cast on before the weekend.

  3. Lovely bright yarn, just the thing while we wait for Spring to motivate us. Sorry you didn't get your chips, but sounded like a nice tea anyway xx

    1. I do like a loud splash of colour and on grey days it makes me cheerful.

  4. Dazzling shawl! I hope you managed to get outside today - no mist in sight!

    1. I had a great day outside, lots of work done and plenty more for another day.


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