Thursday 16 March 2017

Another cast on and an FO.

We have had a mixed bag of weather today, rain, drizzle, sun shine (very fleeting) on a few occasions and just a light wind. Not to worry, I kept myself occupied.

The car is now empty of all the rubbish, there is another load to go but that can wait a couple of days.

I have enough compost to get setting seeds with abandon, I just need to get the seeds sorted out.

The last kitchen cupboard has been emptied, cleaned out and organised. There is now a slightly larger pile waiting to go to the CS.

There is still some ironing in the basket, it will happen but not today.

Dinner tonight was Felafels I took the recipe from my new book, Vegan with a vengeance, and they were delicious. We usually have them in a wrap with salad and hummus but tonight we had them with a spicy tomato sauce and some Fusilli pasta. Different but very good. There are 2 tubs of sauce chilling down ready for the freezer.

The Merry go Round shawl is done, I used 100 grams all but 2, and  have 200 grams left for another project.

It hasn't been blocked yet but is just wider than my wing span.

Too wide to get in shot but you can get a good idea of the overall appearance.
I did a few extra rows of the last band of garter stitch to use the yarn up and get the extra length. I will make it again but will add another lace band and then a smaller band of garter stitch to finish it.
I think that it may be just too loud for Francesca, but I will happily wear it if that is the case.

I have another pattern picked out and just need to pull the yarn from stash. This will be a large triangular shawl for Fran, she likes to snuggle down in front of the TV after dinner, this will be part of her Christmas present.
There is a new sock on the needles, Blueberry waffle socks in dk yarn, I have 3 pairs to make but they are an easy knit, I can get up to date on pod casts while I work away at them.

I hope that tomorrow is nice, I would like to spend a few hours outside. I have some young Blackthorn to plant out, they will make a windbreak in the front garden and hopefully supply me with Sloes in a year or so.

Now I am ready to settle down with my knitting and a cuppa, so it's time to sign off.

                     TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. Replies
    1. It will be a bright splash of cheerfulness to lift the spirits on dull mornings.

  2. That's what you'd call a reet bobby dazzler.
    It's fabulous-x-

    1. I have enough yarn to knit a larger pattern, I may have to match one of the colours with a solid though, don't want to blind anyone.

  3. Wow, that shawl grew quickly and beautifully knitted too, do you sleep at all? ;-)

    1. It is dk on size 5mm needles, and lovely short rows. Why does it seem faster to knit 6 rows of 50 stitches than 1 row of 300? I do sleep but only for around 5 hours, I am an early riser so get about 2 hours of knitting before the world wakes up. If by chance I sleep late I am niggley all day and feel hard done by.


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