Sunday 30 April 2017

April yarn ins and outs. Ouch

Oh my, today I have to report on my stash enhancements and it far outstrips the usage. For one reason and another I don't seem to have knitted much this month, now that is an untruth. What I have done is put the finishing touches to several projects that were started and almost finished in March.
I also dug out that sweater WIP and finished it, then there is the Snowflake sweater that I had to frog back due to clumsiness.

Anyhoo I am rambling, and in another little stroll off course I need to tell you that I have replied to comments on the last 2 posts.

Well enough of this procrastinating, thanks to the glory that was Wonderwool, (I am so going for both days next year) I put,  gulp, 
a total of 3,450 grams into stash. In my defence 1,950 grams was from Wonderwool and 800 grams was a kit for a gift.

But, including the WIP sweater I have only taken 2,100 grams out of stash. It hasn't all been knitted up but is on the needles or finished as in the WIP and some socks. I have only written 2 pairs of socks on my list of FO's this month and am sure that I made more, but hey ho not to worry. There are 2 sweaters on the needles and the Flax is almost down to the ribbing in the body, it will be finished this week.

I didn't post my March FO's so here they are.
7 pairs of socks
1 sweater, that was stolen asked for nicely by Francesca.
1 multi coloured Debut shawl
And of course I finished the crescent garter stitch shawl.

I have every intention to only have stash reduction next month, but as every knitter and crocheter will know that is so not set in stone.

The weather here is sunny with a breeze that just drops out of sight every now and then. I did some gardening yesterday so today is a take it steady and knit day.
Oh Oh Oh,
Such good news, there is a new knit and natter group starting up in the local Library, it is on Monday afternoon but as tomorrow is a Bank Holiday (Woop woop for the workers) I don't expect it to happen. But I will slip down and check it out just in case.
In fact the library has started a few different crafty days up and I will be giving them all a tryout, after all if you don't use it you may just lose it.

Ben is sprawled out beside me and the whole sofa is reverberating with his snoring so I am going to move elsewhere. I may just go and tidy round the kitchen. Dinner is all ready for the oven, I made a cauliflower and pasta cheese casserole. I added a head of roasted garlic to the mix, and yes I did peel all the cloves, I will probably just make a chopped salad to have with it.
Of course that means that there is a fair bit of washing up to do but tonight will be an easy ride, 2 dishes, 2 plates and cutlery. Nice.

                          TTFN                                             Pam


  1. Due to the gulp I imagine 3,450 grams is a lot but how nice to have that to hand.
    This is why I love to stash fabric. I may not have an immediate use or even any idea what I'm going to use it for but just the comfort of having it there ready for when an idea strikes and not have to go out searching is just awesome.
    Love the sound of your evening meal-x-

  2. I have enough in that lot to make a sweater, 4 pairs of socks and 3 shawls, plus the yarn kit which will make a large knitting bag and a cushion cover. That is just the new yarn I dare not start counting the old stash.

  3. Supper sounds delicious. Well done on all your finishes.

    1. It was indeed delish, but very filling. The list is a bit short for this month but last month,s was almost epic.

  4. I didn't make it to the knit and knatter last week as Ivy was poorly, but I did the drawing class on Thursday and it was good fun I will try to go every week! I asked on Thursday and they did reckon knit and knatter wouldn't be on tomorrow because of the bank holiday, all exciting stuff though!

    1. I will not bother to go then, I am busy sewing today after a longish break. Just PJ bottoms for Francesca, so easy to sofa surf in when she is here.

  5. New yarn to squish and ooooo and rrrrrrr over is perfect! One can never have too

    1. So true, I really will not need to buy any for a year I think.

  6. I had actually swore that I would not buy anymore yarn for a few months (I really have enough to last for years). I found a pattern for a baby cocoon I want to try and really needed the yarn for it.

    Way to go on all your finishes.

    God bless.

    1. That's the rabbit hole that I jump in when I see a must do pattern.

  7. Sounds to me like you got a lot knitted up! Wonderwool doesn't happen every week - you should enjoy!!

    1. I did, and I will. Now my yarn storage tells me that the house is on a yarn diet for at least a month. In reality I have yarn and patterns paired up for at least the next three months.


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