Monday 24 April 2017

Bleary of eye and weary of feet.

Ooher Missus, did I have a good day out. With all the bells and whistles.
We set off in a small convoy and arrived at Builth Wells showground in time to park in the first row. We had a quick leg stretch and "paid a visit to the necessary" before winding our way up to the entrance gate for  10 minutes or so waiting in the queue.

We made no plans, it was a given that we would bump into each other every now and then, and we did. I spent most of my time, wandering aimlessly or striding out with a goal in sight, with one of our group. We discovered that we share very many, far too many, interests in a myriad of crafts.

Although we did have a good look at the spinning booths and groups we were hooked by the weavers, particularly the Brinkley Loom Weaving on the Plant Dyed Wool stand. More research is about to happen on that particular front. 
The SO is happy to make a copy of the loom, cutting my expenditure by a considerable amount, he is also happy to make one for my companion.

I got everything on my list and much more besides I will be taking photo,s once my eyes are fully awake.

I did the draw for the giveaway last night just before I collapsed on the sofa with my knitting after a delicious dinner of spicy noodles and veg with lots of bamboo shoots and water chestnuts, two of my most favourite veggies.

In no particular order the winners are.

Julie, of KC's Court.
Vera, of The Threaded Lane.
Jackie, of The Land of the Living Skies. 
and last but not least....
Sheila, of Life's too short to iron tea towels.

Drop me a comment with your snail mail addresses and I will get them off to you asap. None of these will be published of course.

Photos will be up tomorrow, I did not take any at the show, the lighting was terrible and it was so busy that most shots would have shown the backs of shoppers heads and arms outstretched trying to grab something or other.

I made purchases from all of my destination stalls, gorgeous yarn from Rosies Moments, wonderful stitch markers and progress keepers from Owl About Yarn to name but two. 

We had a delicious lunch from No Bones Jones, a catering family team, who have vegetarian and vegan food to tickle the taste buds and satisfy the salivary glands. It was delicious, I did not make a pig of myself........well not till a little later when we stumbled upon a stall selling brownies with banana, peanut butter and sea salt. 
OMG I ate mine so fast I could hear my Granny saying "do you have to shovel that down like a workhouse kid?"

I am stopping here to get another brew on the go.

See you all tomorrow. It is the SO's birthday and we are off to look at wooden model kits, he's a bit of a fan of them. We may drop into a certain well known DIY shop to look at wood for a loom or two as well. he he.

                        TTFN                                           Pam


  1. Sounds like a great day out, the loom sounds amazing as does all that wonderful cake.

  2. What a wonderful day, looking forward to seeing the photos xx

  3. Sounds like you had the most perfect time!! So glad. It all sounds wonderful. And your SO will make you a loom? Fabulous. Can't wait to hear all about that and also see what you scored at the show. And YAY - I won!! Will drop a note with my snail mail address. Merci!!

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  5. I just love that name for a vegetarian catering service " No Bones Jones"! Someone was v. clever! JanF

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful day out. I wish we had something similar. We do have a 'Creative Stitches & Craft Alive' show this year. I haven't been to it for a few years as it was being overrun with scrapbooking, which is not one of my interests. Scrapbooking isn't even mentioned in this years blurb. Maybe scrapbooking has become so big that they have their own show or the opposite has happened and there isn't as much interest. It's in September so I may go back to it this year and see if they have gone back to their roots, so to speak.
    Looking forward to seeing your pictures tomorrow with all your purchases.

  7. We went to the show when staying in Builth Wells and had a wonderful time as you say so much to see and learn about. We now live in the South West and apart from one annual show we are very light on craft show I really enjoy reading your blog as I am Welsh and it is good to hear something positive about my homeland.


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