Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Turn that stopped me.

I got up to a grey drizzle, almost a different world to yesterday.

After my usual cuppa, swiftly followed by another, and a little podcast watching, Relatively Crafty,  scooped my wits about me and got Ben out for his first walk. I went a bit early as I had planned to pick Jess up and show her where I get my wild garlic.

I was absolutely fine till I got back home, I got just inside the house and had what my Granny would call "a bit of a turn". I couldn't get my breath and just sat on the stairs feeling completely out of sorts. I got the SO to call Jess and cancel then made my way to the sofa.
And there I stayed until about 4:00 when I felt well enough to move about a bit. I slept on and off during the day and feel much better now.
This is the first bad day that I have had for a while and came out of the blue, I have decided to blame it on the shock of such a wonderful sunny day yesterday.

I have done a little knitting on the socks, another yarn that I am not in love with, but they are not for me so I will finish them.

On to something happy.

I have a small stack of project bags, some drawstring and some zippered. I also have some fabric that I washed, dried and ironed on Tuesday morning, that is clamouring to be made into something.

Until I move the bags I can not make anything else, so to cut a long story short, I fancy having a giveaway.

leave me a comment and I will find something hattish and someone to dabble around in it and pull a few names out. I will post anywhere in the world and there will be around half a dozen bags of various sizes. I will allocate them quite randomly so you may get a sock size or a sweater size.

I nearly forgot to tell you that I got some happy post, The Knitter's handy book of top-down sweaters by Ann Budd. I heard Tilly Trout praising it and decided that an early birthday pressy to myself was quite a good idea.

I will be taking it very easy for the next 2 days as I am off to Wonder wool on Sunday. I am really looking forward to it, my first yarn Feastival, and no that is not a typo, I fully intend to feast to my hearts content.

                     TTFN                                      Pam(greedy guts)

PS thank you for the sweater comments, I will look at it for a few days and see if I can learn to like it.

Sorry to whoever,s comment that i just clicked on to publish it has disappeared, if you repeat the comment I will endeavour not to lose it again.


  1. Hi Pam, discovered your blog some weeks back and have been lurking since - lol. Sorry about your "turn" - hopefully all is right now. Thanks for the lovely give-away opportunity!

    PS - I really love your sweater in your previous post.

  2. Hi pam I've never commented on your blog but read it every day I'm amazed at how many knitted items you do you're an inspiration take care carole

  3. So glad to hear that you are feeling some better now. Good idea to rest up before your day out on Sunday so you can enjoy yourself properly. Best wishes from Namny Anny in Canada.

  4. Hope tomorrow will bring sunshine and better health. We have a couple of dog free days and are taking full advantage. A day trip to Brighton today to visit the Royal Pavilion. I have lived in the south for almost 50 years now and this was my first visit. A truly amazing place and well worth the exhaustion I am feeling after a long, long car journey and much walking. Isle of Wight tomorrow so more walking.

  5. Oooh Pam that sounds scary. Glad you're a bit better now but definitely taking it easy is a good idea if you are going to the wool show.
    Can't wait to see what you buy-x-

  6. I'd be happy with any one of your makes. Hope you feel better-maybe been overdoing it? Catriona

  7. I hope you will feel completely well again after your rest.
    You seem to keep very busy all the time, I don't know how you do it! Your productivity is amazing.
    I love the idea of the give away.

  8. Sorry to hear you had a "bit of a turn". I hope it's the only one you ever have. Do enjoy Wonderwool, and take it easy until then.

  9. make a note of your turns while they are fresh in your mind so next trip to the doc you have info to hand, and slow down a bit, enjoy the wool fest :-)

  10. Hello, I have been following you for a few weeks too. Hope you are feeling ok now.
    Good luck at the wool feast. I am going to have a try at sock knitting on a machine this weekend a whole weekend to my self, lots of wool packed for crochet in the hotel.
    My family hail from the Valleys, I love going to visit them it feels like home.

  11. I agree with Dawn. Keep note of what preceded the 'turn'. The fact that you slept most of the day, which is so unlike you, has to mean something. Take care.

  12. Just discovered your blog and really enjoying it, especially your lovely sweater yesterday. Hope you are feeling better soon and don't have any more turns like that. Perhaps a little trip to the Doctor for a check-up might be good.

  13. Hope you have a wonderful yarn feast. I think I'm due for one myself. I enjoy the lovely rhythym of your days. Thanks for sharing them with us on here on your blog. Happy knitting!

  14. Oooh hope you are feeling better.

    Julie xxxxx

  15. Hi Pam, I hope you're feeling better now. I suppose it would do no good to tell you to slow down a bit. (lol) I am amazed by the amount of work you complete. I am disabled, so (theoretically) I have a lot of time on my hands, but I still have several WIPs to finish off. Your enthusiasm has inspired me to get on with them! Blessings and Peace.

  16. Hi Pam

    I read your blog - every time you blog........and although I'm not a knitter - I love your stories.

    I work full time & only get 20 days a year holiday.

    I keep 3 for Xmas when all my family come to stay ( grown up children & partners),1 for a local festival & 1 for Hospital appt - family again..and 5 for Spring- when my daughter sometimess kindly takes me & my 2 dogs on a caravan hol to Wales.
    Leaving me with just 10 days to eek out each year, usually a couple of long weekends and Xmas shopping days.

    But I have taken 4 days this week, after Easter, - for the first time ever - all to myself. -
    Well, I was lost on day one...didn't know what to do with myself - then the sun shone.....I am so lucky to have a south facing garden - I sat & contemplated - did a few little jobs, sat again, etc.......same the next day. lovely......contemplated a long thought about move to South Wales - should I shouldn't I? - I have seen a couple of houses that I like -

    I am still of working age & unfortunately need to work for the next 9 years as I am on my own with no other income.(unless some tall dark handsome man comes along & wants to share with me - ha ha )

    Then Cloud / cold / dull yesterday.....
    Spain looked a good move - especially with my newly acquired arthritis -

    Today, I have woken to Sun & Cloud - the last of my days off - work again on Monday.........Fingers crossed that we all get some warmth today & can enjoy the outdoors - sun makes all the difference to us all.

    Hope your 'turn' didn't worry you too much...its a must that we all care for one another.....and that we all know there are others who feel the same as we do...

    Enjoy today every one.

  17. Do listen to your body and rest up and make sure that you are in tip top condition and spirits to enjoy Wonderwool!
    Thanks very much for the give away chance,

  18. Sorry to hear about your turn. Please rest and take care of yourself. I think you're quite talented and love your finished projects. And Ben is a little love, isn't he?

  19. Just catching up now that I have the internet once again. Sorry to hear about your turn, take it easy. Looking forward to seeing what you buy at the wool show. Take care.

  20. Take good care. I enjoy your blog and the podcasts you tell us about my favourite is Tilly Trout. Off to check out Wooley Elephant now.

  21. I am glad that you are feeling better. Hope you have no more "turns". They aren't very much fun.

    God bless.

  22. Just catching up on your blog I've had hospital appts and treatment that's kept me from reading and other things. I love to hear of your 'activities' don't shoot the messenger but do you think sometimes you over do it. I know I couldn't keep up with you so take good care of you, I enjoy your blog so much. On a lighter note I'm sure you'll remember the Viola cake mix lady in the adverts I always think of her when reading your exploits. I have an image of you dashing about like her to get things done. Have a great weekend and get some rest! X

  23. Hope you are feeling better. I am currently knitting the Alpine Tweed Sweater from your new book. I have learned so many new skills-I love it. Unfortunately I don't knit as fast as you. Someday..... SANDY

  24. Hi Pam, still happily following you ever since you first started blogging. Not sure if I am too late to be considered to be part of the giveaway but if I can be included that would be great thank you.


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