Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Should've known better.

Yesterday was spent helping SO finish off the first of his house decorating project. Lots of snagging, touching up of paintwork, cleaning windows, polishing wood (only a little) and cleaning the kitchen. One of the labours of Hercules without a doubt. 
A nasty layer of grease and/or nicotine over every surface inside and out of the cupboards, of which there was a plethora.

Then the final labour was The Kitchen Floor!!

The only way to remove the grime was on hands and knees with an old fashioned bristle scrubbing brush.
Lots of hot water, soap and plenty of elbow grease.

Once home it was a case of feed Ben, shower and feed us. By 9:30 I was nodding off so went to bed, and of course I have had my sleep and am wide awake. DUH. Should have known better indeed.

On the bright side I placed a bid on the Bay of E for a pair of brand new boxed Hotter sandals and got them for £21 including postage. HOWZAT for a bargain.

Driven by my success, I have placed bids on 2 more Hotter items both new and in their boxes.
I only looked the first time out of desperation, I ditched my old, and much loved, strappy sandals as they were in danger of disintegrating on my feet and had not found anything similar. Trawling the hotter online shop was a futile task, that I had performed several times. It was during a casual chat with Jess that I was reminded where else to look.

Knitting has taken a bit of a back seat but I have finished the front of my newly rediscovered WIP and made a start on the sleeves. I needed to keep up with the work in my own house so something had to give. 

It is knit and natter later, much later, today and I am looking forward to my afternoon.

What about the weather then, we sweltered on Saturday and then on Sunday which should have been hotter than hot it was overcast and quite cool.Then yesterday was really sunny but with a cool breeze.

I plan on getting out into the garden on Wednesday and hopefully get the raised beds cleared ready to plant up. I am bang up to date with household chores so the remainder of my week is garden playtime.

I hope that I haven't just put the mockers on the weather, you never know when the Gremlins are watching and listening to your plans.

I think that I will have a couple of rows of knitting on my sleeves and see if that drives me back to bed, sleeves are sooo boring, onandonandon......remember that Ad?

Night night.

               TTFN                                                    Pam


  1. Nothing worse than being awake when you really want to be snuggled up in bed is there?
    Have fun at your Knit and Natter-x-

    1. Knit and natter was great fun and today it is too cold to be outside.

  2. While your nattering at knit and natter you'll speed through your sleeves without realising xx

    1. I took the Posh scarf as I couldn't keep up with the shaping on sleeves while talking and laughing. We made plans for our trip to Wonderwool, Deb's hubby has offered to carry bags IF anyone buys anything!! If... What is he thinking.

  3. Ariston..and on and on. My age is showing, haha.

    1. One of those totally annoying things that stay with you forever, like the Noodle Doodle ad from Heinz.


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