Saturday, 1 April 2017

Lions, seduction and pins.

Wow, March really did go out like a Lion, or rather like a full on hunting pack. The rain came down so hard that it was bouncing back up almost 6' and the wind whirled it round the garden like a group of Harpies.

Still, mostly I was oblivious to it for the most part. I have not finished the scarf and my fingers did not fall off.
They didn't have time.
I was in the throes of washing the splashes of pasta sauce off the splash back and cooker hood when an uncontrollable urge swept over me.

I Had To Sew. Right Now.

I did finish the cleaning first.

Then I answered the seductive siren call.

Then out came my Orphan Annie quilt , finished many months ago and basted several weeks ago.

A quick practice and I was off, I sewed quite brainlessly, hither and thither, filling section after section. Then Ben told me, in no uncertain terms, that not only had he missed a walk but dinner would not go amiss either. OOPS.

We walked, he ate, I ate, I drank tea and gave a guilty look at the scarf and walked away.

I sewed, I pulled basting pins out and dropped them willy nilly.

Then with stiff shoulders and a mouth like the inside of a budgies cage, Bone Dry, I threw in the towel and made more tea.

This top section is done.

There are still pins in the bottom, but parts are quilted.
This quilt is made from orphan blocks, practice blocks, total mistakes with points chopped off or missing each other by a mile. They are just about tied together with some pale green sashing in random strips, I used what was left from another project. But is is bright and cheerful and will make a great garden quilt for a small person to skedaddle about on.
I have pulled my box of 2 1/2" strips out for a random binding, if I don't have enough I will just slice a few more.

In appreciation of his walk and Dinner, Ben treated me to a mad moment.

He calmed down once he noticed the camera.

My box of delights from Francesca, as promised.

Lovely passion fruit curd, 2 jars of each. mmmmmm. Together with a selection of my favourite chutneys and pickles.

I have not tried the spicy garlic and wasabi, I think that I will make something special to have it with, and possibly a cucumber and mint dressing as a fire extinguisher.

That is all for now, it is not raining, the sun is trying hard to get out to play and there are some tiny touches of blue up there. Ben has had a walk today and will have his next one on time.

Before I go I must tell you that I found a new Podcast, Craft House Magic. The hostess with the mostest, (Who remembers that add then) is Ellie from Norwich in Norfolk, my home city and county. I have only watched part of one while I drunk my early morning tea. but have subscribed and will try to binge watch later And Knit That Scarf.

                         TTFN                                                   Pam


  1. Your quilt is so lovely. I'm glad your mojo came home-x-

  2. Lovely quilt, and such great gifts.

    God bless.

  3. Another amazing quilt Pam and Ben is so floofy!!

  4. I am overcome by quilt envy 😊

  5. great quilt and I love Ellie from Craft house magic too!

  6. Pam, you've inspired me to get out all those experiments, orphans and "what was I thinking?" blocks and put them together. I looked and realized I have several yards of "Oh Dear Pink" to use for sashings. Have a great day, Jan

  7. Wow! There's no holding you back once you get started ;) That quilt is lovely, so bright and cheerful :D The preserves look delish. Enjoy.x


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