Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sprinters, Crawlers and Freezers.

Spiders, that is, little teeny tiny ones, small ones and medium. No big fat hairy ones thank goodness.
My Significant Other, (hereafter to be referred to as S.O.) has a contract to decorate and maintain some rental properties.
 Now I am not claiming to be bored, far too busy for that, but it is nice to do something different for a change. So I actually volunteered to help with the prep work. Cue cleaning, scrubbing, sanding, making tea and sandwiches,rounding up spiders etc. etc.
Today I spent several hours "cutting in" 2 of the ground floor rooms. Different? Oh Yes. Stimulating? Oh No. But lots of time to plan sewing and knitting and possibly a bit of crochet.... Oh and maybe a spot of decorating at home.

Tomorrow I am excused painting/cleaning duties as, happily, I have arranged to take Jess and Ivy into Neath. There are a few things that I want to get from The Works, and I may pick up a tin of white gloss paint while I am there, little steps don't you know.
 Then when we have a few clear days I can suggest a spot of decorating AND show the paint all ready to go. There will be no "wriggle out of it room"
I have emulsion and brushes/rollers/trays and so on. I might want masking tape, must check.

I am still knitting in the evenings,although last night I did throw in the towel early.
 I was tired after a busy morning and then knit and natter in the afternoon. I knitted on the homespun scarf apart from when I had Sophie in my arms, she was in full on Dora Explorer mode and wanted to be walked around so she could see everything. I am sure that the bright colours are mega attractive to her, it will be interesting when she starts to toddle about.

Our member who is learning to knit socks is doing very well, and is already planning the next pair. I did warn her that they are addictive. I am as bad, I have a pair on the go one down to the toes and the other ready for the heel. There is another skein of wool and a pattern ready for the minute those are finished.

My next planned knit is a Flax Sweater, I have the pattern, yarn and needles all ready but want to finish the scarf first, the socks are to give me a change of needle size. I don't want my hands to start aching, well that is my excuse and I am sticking with it.

I just had a discombobulating experience.
 I put my hand out to pick my tea up.
 And There Wasn't Any.
 I haven't made it.
 I must be hallucinating on the paint fumes.

There is a tray of Mary Berry,s Roast Sausage Supper ready to cook, and I have Cherry Pie and cream waiting in the fridge, you can't work and not build an appetite. 

Now the need for tea is overwhelming. back soon.

                      TTFN                                                 Pam

BTW I am hospital again on Friday for another raft of tests, I think this lot includes being wired up to a monitor and doing a session on a treadmill. 
Sounds like fun!


  1. I don't mind the tiny spiders, I try to live and let live as they do a good job. Roast sausage supper sounds lovely, followed by pie is just plain delicious xx

  2. are busy and that Roast Sausage supper sounds just the job for a busy lady-x-

  3. A word of warning about that session on the treadmill - don't drink too much prior to that session; when I did that, it wasn't my heart or lungs that gave out - it was my bladder!!! I had to call a sudden halt and make a dash for the loo. Best wishes - Rosemary

  4. I spray peppermint oil and lemon oil around, the spiders head back outside, where I leave them be, unless they build around my back steps.
    Hate walking into the webs early in the morning.

  5. Best wishes for the tests tomorrow (could one knit socks whilst on the treadmill?) ;-)

  6. Little spiders dont bother me too much but the big hairy ones like I used to get in my bedroom when I was a child in Somerset....they are definitely a no no! As the spiders eat mosquitos and there are too many of the latter here I try and let the spiders be to do that as long as they are discreet. If the spider population decides they have a cushy spot and start to multiple thats when I have to get rid of them :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x


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