Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Frozen Fingers and Droopy Lids

The temperature has plummeted and my circulation pump is a bit slow this morning so my fingers are rigid with cold and my eyelids seem to think that they have worked a double shift at hard labour. I almost need 2 matchsticks to prop them open.

I have managed a little knitting though, in short bursts while watching Tilly Trouts Podcasts. I have seen them all before but felt a wave of nostalgia for the Norfolk accent.

I am ensconced in the corner of the sofa with lap blanket and Ben to keep me warm, I did try the heating but it made me too hot. I think that a cup of tea is in my very near future while I work sporadically on those blessed sleeves.

I have decided to juggle my knitting plans around and make a couple of short sleeved tops next. I treated myself to some King Cole Smooth in sand yesterday at Debs shop and a pattern book with some amazing designs.
 I really wanted some brighter colours to mix in with it than Debs had so today I found 3 other colours on line and ordered them. Fingers crossed they will arrive by the weekend when the current sweater should be off the needles. I like my summer tops to sit just below the waist so combined with short sleeves it should make for a quick knit. Fingers crossed I may get 2 different tops out of it all, one striped and the other colour blocked.

Before I forget, AGAIN, I want to welcome the new readers and thank all those who comment. I do try to answer but sometimes it is just a step that my mind and hands can not manage to get in sync for. I am certain that sounds quite inane, but it the only way that I can describe it.

The need for that cuppa is quite pressing now so I am off to the kitchen, I better check the washing machine as well. I changed all the throws and cushion covers this morning, and they can go out on the whirlythingy and freeze dry.

                    TTFN                                                Pam


  1. It really has gone cold hasn't it? I need to go and find my cardigan.
    A corner of the sofa with a lap blanket and a dog sounds very tempting but I have things to do so maybe later.
    Have a good day-x-

  2. I have used a lap blanket the past few evenings, the log burner makes it too hot, but there has been a bit of a chill its like we are in that in between time in the evenings.


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