Monday, 17 April 2017

Snowflakes and Gremlins, oh my.

The Gremlins have hidden my camera, I am in the Tidy up stage of knitting. The WIP sweater, duly photographed, has been blocked and is folded neatly in a drawer.
The "Posh" scarf is done and delivered, and properly enthused over.

All the odds and ends of yarn, Mmm nothing left from the scarf but 138 grams left from the sweater, have been put in the " One day I will make something from this lot" bag.

The patter has been filed along with the notes that I made.

I have treated myself to more yarn, and that also has been put in it's niche along with the patterns. More of that later.

I thought to myself, time to do a quick blog post, I'll just get the photos on the lappy. No camera to be seen, even though I had it in my hands last night just before going to bed. (better look in the bedroom soon)

As for snow, some of the new yarn is for the Snowflake sweater from Tin Can Knits, a paid for pattern. It has a lace yoke knitted from 2 CHARTS!!, my first charted sweater pattern knit in the round. it's a good job that I have umpteen stitch markers in different colours. I have knitted 1/3 rd of the yoke, in a soft purple, and the only problem that I have is focusing on the correct row to follow. My eyes like to wander a little, at the moment I am using two bookmarks to isolate my row. I need to find a proper clip on gadget that magnifies as well as blocks the adjacent rows, I will have a trip up the Amazon later.
The sleeves will be in the purple while the body of the sweater will be in Sand.

I was so pleased with my success that I have printed off the Knotty glove pattern by Julia Mueller, it is a free pattern on ravelry. I was watching Tilly Trout and she has knitted it up several times and that was recommendation enough for me. I haven't knitted gloves for a good few years, at least 15 and possibly more, and if all goes well it could become as addictive as socks.
Oh yes, I do have a pair on the needles, vanilla is the new black using a West Yorkshire Spinners  sock yarn from their Bird collection. Unfortunately I have lost the ball band and as it is deep stash have no memory of the name.

I did buy an attic 24 pack to make a bag and a cushion cover as my crochet mojo has started to nag at me. I just need to print off the pattern, or perhaps just make my own up as I go. Now that I think about it a lap blanket in that lovely chunky yarn may be the way to go. I'll get back to you on that.

If I find the camera I will get some photo,s and share.

It has been a mixed bag of weather over the past few days, bright sun, grey clouds, black clouds, cold wind and smeary drizzles. I haven't been in the garden for 3 days and doubt that I will get out today. I don't mind too much I have my knitting and some more "tidying" to do. Note, in this context Tidying is meant to cover stroking, oohing and ahhing and matching yarn to pattern. Along with a quick look at my fabric and patterns for various makes in the planning stage.

It has just occurred to me that tomorrow is knit and natter, these long weekends mess up my internal calendar even though I don't work any more. I will rephrase that to Even though I am no longer in paid employment, because of course I work. The house doesn't clean itself and dinner and bread don't magically  appear, oh for a bit of Hogwarts magic with dinner just showing up on the table.

Now I am in dire need of a cuppa, I hope that your weekend has been all that you wanted and that you all enjoy this last day of it to the full.

                   TTFN                                                   Pam


  1. Your knitting in the round sounds fascinating, love to see it.

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. My weekend has been mad. Today is quiet and peaceful but I am too shattered to even attempt any sewing so am being very lazy indeed. It's quite nice actually.
    Can't wait to see your makes-x-

  3. Wouldn't it be neat if one day you took out all the yarn odds and ends and made an afghan throw out of all the colors. I bet it would be glorious.
    Today was get all the taxes done for the kids and us, took me the whole day. Had to find a different state tax platform after the one I paid for wanted $50 to download a second state. I have to do R's Illinois return and then our CA returns. I did their survey and said it was ridiculous to charge $50 for a 2nd state and then $20 each to e-file. Will check things out better next year. I do deserve a drink though tonight.
    Hope your weather improves.

  4. Knitting two needle socks here. I still don't feel confident enough to knit them in the round.

    God bless.


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